The Elevator Story

The sun goes down, the evening brightens up the dusky sky, the lights become visible everywhere. The apartments shine, Joey enters his society. As usual, it was a rough day for him as he is endlessly struggling to find the perfect plot for his book. The constant thought of rejection always makes him tired, he is exhausted of writing tales that nobody cared about, he is tired of stories that gave him no goosebumps, he is tired of everything. He is bored of his unpublished tag; he sees no hope in his writing career. Everything around him looked so hackneyed that he couldn’t find any inspiration.
Joey presses the lift button but the disgusting elevator never came down. Maybe someone is standing between the lift doors above so he tried the other lift that had no fan. The other elevator is always empty as nobody used it because of some technical glitches.

Joey presses 18, and the lift moves up. He starts gazing at his phone looking for an acceptance email for his latest short story submission. He kept refreshing the inbox, but nothing came. He kept waiting and staring at his phone. For a moment he forgot about everything but suddenly he realized, the lift is still moving up without stopping at the destination. Joey surprisingly sees floor number 66 flashing in the position indicator, he presses the alarm button but the elevator kept moving up.  66, 80, 100, 200, 400, 1000 the numbers in the indicator kept increasing. Joey couldn’t believe that he is travelling to some other space.

Am I hallucinating, am I dreaming? – Joey becomes so paranoid that he becomes numb. Will this elevator ever stop? Joey thinks while staring at his phone but couldn’t make any call. Finally, it stops, the door opens and Joey sees something that completely changes his life. As he steps outside the elevator, he was surrounded by reporters. He saw a red carpet and fans shouting at the top of their voice. He couldn’t believe that he is a published author and his book just received a Hugo. The ambiance around him changes and he involuntarily starts moving backward. He enters the lift again, it starts descending, 100, 567, 88, 76, 20, 18 and the door opens.

 “It could be a great story about time travel” – Joey appreciates the tale narrated by the old lift man and mutely steps outside with hell lot of inspiration.  

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