What is it That Your Man Expects From You, But Won’t Tell You?

Written By: Ritika

Men too are complicated!

Let us be honest with you on this, men too are complicated. It doesn’t matter how many times they deny it but it indeed is true. There are certain things that they would not make a mention of but implicitly expect of you. In fact, there would be times when they themselves would not know what exactly makes them feel thrilled or sad.

Men, may be, for their not so obvious hidden reasons, do not express their needs or at least not as clearly as women. Some men are also afraid to open up about their needs because they are afraid that it might have an impact on the relationship. Whatever the case may be, there are certain things that men expect you to understand but might not tell you:

1.    Just Stop Nagging

“Why can't you just…” Do you find yourself starting every conversation in the same manner? Yes? Congratulations, you have classified yourself to be called as a “nagger”.  Nobody likes to be controlled. He understands your concern but forcing things on anyone is frustrating. You may have to look for ways to make him listen to you but nagging is surely not one of them.

2.  What’s with the word “Fine”

Well, honestly, this is a serious issue. Men really have to battle through this word every day and are never able to understand what this word actually means. Sometimes, just make it simple for them to know when the word “fine” has to be taken literally and when it means “not fine”. It’s a little complicated, you know!

3.Surprise Him a Bit!

And by this, I not only mean surprising him in the bed, which of course you should once in a while but also outside the bedroom. He too sometimes expects you to order flowers online with a love note to be delivered at his doorstep or the watch he was planning to buy a week ago. After all, who doesn’t love surprises?

4. Yes! Personal Space!

Men do want their personal space every now and then. In fact, not just men, even women want their personal space. There are times when you wish to do something which your partner doesn’t like to do, maybe like watching a TV show or going out to a certain place or simply playing video games. Men strongly expect their women to respect their space.

5. The Chase - Keep it Simple

Someone rightly said, “The more challenging it is, the more exciting it is” but when challenges appear to be impossible to accomplish, it becomes annoying. So, you need to understand this game. If he’s chasing you, you need to slow down a bit and let him catch up. 

So ladies, now that you know, what your man expects of you even though he doesn’t clearly speaks of it, make sure to keep a hold on these things in order to make him fall for you more and of course, to make your relationship last forever.

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