City Of Clones ( A Short Story by Pallav Gogoi)

Imagine a city in the future where everyone looks identical. The females have no one to be jealous of and the males look muscular and uniformly handsome. Everyone in the city looks indistinguishable. Imagine a man entering the city of clones and finding everyone staring at him because he looks like an alien to them. The man makes his way to the church and finds clones everywhere. Human cloning is an unethical process of going against nature to subdue uniqueness but what if the residents of the city of clones never knew about the outer world where everyone looks different.

The place is surrounded by an invisible layer of killing laser lights and anybody trying to cross the city gets automatically electrocuted and destroyed into ashes. The man from the outer world accidentally slips into the City of Clones when the laser boundaries got disabled for a minute for maintenance. Although the city of clones looks extremely ordinary in terms of lifestyle, the clones had a unique habit of making distinctive sounds from their nostrils to call somebody. The man was taller than the clones but his skin was slightly darker. As soon as he enters the realm of clones, the man was surrounded by the inhabitants.

 He was questioned about his identity. The man had no idea how he entered the place because he was deported by a country and he crossed the boundary by mistake. The clones take him to the lab for an experiment. During his stay in the lab, the man learned that the clones are created through 3D printing and they are supplied to the city as workers. All the skills are embedded in their bodies. During his stay in the clone factory that looked like a laboratory was actually operated by humans from other parts of the world. The whole concept of creating the clone city was designed by humans for producing intellectual manpower for the other world which is very influential. The clone city can't be tracked by satellite and the operation takes place in pure confidentiality.

The man, however, was released from the laboratory as he was found harmless for the clones. The man starts exploring the City of Clones and found factories where clones worked like machines. There were various categories of clones and as they looked similar they were differentiated based on the smell of their body. You can't spot them from a distance. Someone who smells like lavender is considered to be attractive while someone smelling like garbage is rejected and dumped hence the perfume company is the prime organisation in the city of clones.

The man had a chance to meet the perfume maker who is like a Casanova and attracted all the female attention. The perfume maker gave him the paramount perfume to woo the ladies. Although the clones don't have the power to reproduce they can enjoy everything else like a normal human which kept the man happy. Clones entertained him that kept him busy. Suddenly the man became the sole attraction and clones started coming from various corners of the city to get a glimpse, however, one day man became homesick and tried to cross the laser barrier and dies.

 His sojourn to the clone city ends there but his experience was transferred by something called electronic telepathy to his friend who knew everything about his journey. He was actually trying to help him by contacting the government about this but nobody actually believed his tale as he was staying at a mental asylum for incessant hallucinations. The City of Clones may be a work of fiction for now but what if the Human Cloning becomes real. There are many unanswered questions about the pros and cons of cloning, however, there's a strong probability in the future. If human cloning becomes a reality, many things can be possible; clones will be sent to other planets for work. The real ones stay on earth while their clones travel. Whenever the real gets old, the clone replaces them to prevent grief. With the advent of 3D printing, clones can be ordered online. The ability of science to produce a miraculous world is no big deal but the extreme greed to conquer nature with scientific intervention can create mayhem. With great power comes great responsibility and misutilisation of powers may lead to total collapse. What if human cloning becomes a reality? The answers depend upon your perception.

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