The Curious Case of Sadistic Comedy: If Tanmay Bhat’s latest Video is Comedy Then I Seriously Have Problems with the Rising Mediocrity

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You see a sense of sadistic pleasure in the so-called comedian’s action when he was performing the whole act and insult seems to be his modus operandi to go viral. It looks like a professional trying to be amateur just to attract the younger social media crowd. Comedy is a lighthearted activity and it propels laughter however I am seriously against humor that insults people. The ability to generate laughter with a hint of satire and subtleness is what most loved comedians do and I am sure everyone doesn’t possess this skill. 

The real burning issue of India is not poverty or draught anymore, it's Tanmay Bhat's latest Snapchat video. The infantile comedian is trending on the Internet with his mimicry and the gloomy part is he mocked Sachin Tendulkar - the God of Cricket and Lata Mangeshkar - the Melody Queen. There's an intense debate going on between pro-bhats and anti-bhats but I could only see AIB (A YouTube Comedy Channel) and Snapchat getting all the publicity for free.

The advent of face swapping apps like Snapchat and MSQRD are undoubtedly becoming addictive for the younger generation but do you think using such apps to affront somebody with below the belt criticism is right? The whole controversy is adding perplexities for the youth of our country who thinks it's cool to follow AIB and TVF on YouTube and it's perfectly alright to do anything in the name of Freedom of Speech and democratization of Internet that AIB supports. Unquestionably, AIB is a wacky comedy group and I am following them because of their urban humour however I am against their latest stunt of offending people to gain recognition. It's easy to make a headline by doing controversial things at the age of Internet and people like Tanmay Bhat is exactly doing that.

They are perfectly exploiting the power of digital masks/filters to hide their face and do mimicry. Face Swapping Apps are allowing the introverts to do video blogging because when you are inside a mask, you have no fear of condemnation. Unlike yesteryears, video blogging is becoming a modish activity. Youtubers are making a living from advertisements and sponsorships and being an uncensored platform, you have the freedom to be original. I am passionate about this drift but I am not supporting Tanmay for his latest gig. So, what's next? The answer is, the whole comedy is actually increasing Snapchat downloads and AIB’s YouTube views, which is an irony of our generation, though. After the whole chaos, most people will forget this issue and Tanmay will resume making videos. We are living in a halfway society and if we are not guided, we may be doomed for our mistakes. The intellectuals slammed Tanmay for his act; however, he won’t feel guilty because he created that much-required buzz to augment his career goals to become a known comedian at least in India.

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  1. Chaitali Bhattacharjee7:10 AM

    What's the basic of comedy to make anyone laugh or to cringe on even seeing one second of sync with you on this. The line to cross or not makes the difference...and it looses the entirety, the very purpose of it.