The Conjuring 2 Review: There's Something Not Quite Right About The Movie

The movie starts with a promise to scare the audience with premonitions, demon sounds, and apparitions. The story gradually takes momentum and we start liking the humor and the rains.  The movie is set in 1977 London where almost bankrupt mother Peggy Hodgson stays with her four children. The occurrence of unnatural things in the house creates media murmur but the sceptics constantly keep slamming mother Peggy’s claim of the presence of a poltergeist in their house. However, due to lots of clamor and witnesses, the church takes up the case. Following the order from church, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) travel to London to observe the situation but they couldn’t prove any vision or signs of demonic possession.

The supernatural elements are appropriately supported by facts and debates within the movie that makes The Conjuring 2 an interesting watch, however, elements like demon sounds, levitation, mysterious knocking, moving swings, strange voice recordings  and other poltergeist  activities gives us a sense of déjà vu as we have seen most of these elements in other horror movies. Things that makes The Conjuring 2 a successful horror movie is its legacy, plot and cinematography. The simplicity of the narrative and the bonding between Ed and Lorraine Warren is something that takes this movie to another level.

The film qualifies to become a sweet family drama especially with tender moments like Ed playing the guitar to entertain the kids and Ed and Lorraine both sharing their fondness for each other to Janet (played by Madison Wolfe). The biggest plus for this movie is its direction and James Wan made it a point to highlight best little fright elements of its prequel in this movie. Most of the movie is shot in low light however just like other horror flicks most of the fear-provoking things happen during the night.

The background score of this movie is terrific but as I have said before, there’s something not quite right about the movie because if you are a horror movie fan you will surely not get that cinematic jolt as everything that appears are predictable and clichéd. Even English rhymes and gross painting couldn’t make me quiver. The movie may get a good opening due to its previous success but I am sure, you won’t be horror-stricken after watching this movie like you did after watching Paranormal Activity and The Ring. 


Image Credit: The Conjuring 2 Official Website


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  2. Nice review.... will go for it on Sunday... though such horror movies always fail to make me shiver... :-(

  3. Thank you for sharing Tejasvi

  4. This movie looks quite interesting. I have high expectations from it :|