‘Captain America: Civil War' – More Superheroes But Less Punch Than ‘Batman V Superman'

The hype, the superheroes and the unlimited praise from critics made me watch this movie and I made an effort to see the first show. Critics slammed Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice which was not that bad hence I thought of wearing a critic's hat for this movie. Winter Soldier makes the first appearance and the plot starts taking shape as predicted. What makes this movie better than Batman V Superman? Why it's called the greatest superhero movie of all time? Captain America: Civil War is all about friends fighting among themselves which were hilariously showcased. You are destined to like Vision's humor and philosophy, Iron Man's witty one-liners, Ant-Man's surprising superpower and Zemo's role in this power-packed superhuman battle.

The audience including me found giggling between the fights and it was all fun, though. All the superheroes are brilliant in this movie, however, I personally liked the young Spiderman - A fresh entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). He lights up the movie with his actions and conversations. Although the movie is titled after Captain America, a lesser known superhero than Batman, Superman, Iron Man and Spiderman in India, Steve Rogers aka Captain America contribute one extremely brilliant moment in the whole film but I personally like the way Winter Soldier aka Bucky stole the limelight before the entry of Spiderman in the movie.

Not to forget Black Panther, the new breakout superhero in the movie did showcase his prowess with utter ease. Captain America: Civil War will create box office records for sure but you won't demand a second viewing, unlike Batman V Superman. Typical of Marvel, the movie is less dark but uses a more clear and practical approach. This movie is a thorough entertainer however the darkness and philosophical elements of this movie are far less than Batman V Superman.

There are lots of knockout moments in the movie and it scores well in the acting area. There are speeches that will give you goosebumps, there are conversations where relationships and bonding are well represented, and there is a hell lot of action for sure. Since it's a multi-starrer superhero movie; the movie will surely attract an audience. Which Side Are You On? – The key phrase will lure fans like bees to the theaters.

Captain America: Civil War is an admirable movie but not a movie to remember. Russo brothers made no mistake and kept the direction very crisp. There are hardly any mistakes in the movie. Captain America: Civil War is a feel-good movie and you will definitely relate to underdog Spiderman or classy Iron Man after watching this movie. If you ask me - How's the movie - I would definitely recommend you to enjoy the fantastical universe of superheroes. I am sure, comic book fans won't let go this movie. Other characters like Black Widow, Falcon, War Machine, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Sharon Carter, and Crossbones played their part well.

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