Preventing Digital Apocalypse: Just Remember You've Been Warned

Image Credit: inst-news

Ryan loves to blog about rock concerts, nightlife and weird adventures that he takes up in his free time. He is constantly found gazing at his blog, and reading his own content and editing it every time. His passion for blogging started 9 years ago and still he is getting equal delight in sharing his experiences with the world. Ryan loves to write about upcoming bands and concerts. Since 2006, he almost wrote 400 blog posts and received more than 5000 comments. In the whole process, he made lifetime friends and his work been appreciated by many.

Suddenly one day, Ryan loses access to his 9-year-old blog because the server where his blog was hosted just got hacked. All his write-ups vanished and he no longer found them online. All the interactions with fellow bloggers, his digital achievements and most importantly the story he wrote about Tomorrowland couldn’t be found anywhere on the web. Ryan lost everything but I hope you won’t afford to lose your all your work in this digitally empowered world.

The rise of digital storytelling testifies the amount of passion involved in writing about stuff you care about. You can’t afford to lose your online documents because of some stupid server error or a wrong code. It’s almost scary to see your hard work lost into oblivion. There are always loopholes in technology but preventing such disasters is possible. As I have written earlier about the Digital Dark Age, which may become the reality if present documents aren’t made ready for future use. Because formats become obsolete with time, something which is working may not work in future.

The classic case of floppy disks, tape recorder and video tapes confirm the evidence of formats getting obsolete.  We have lost many important data due to format up-gradation and we no longer afford to lose them now.  Online written content in the form of blogs, slide shows, and images may become obsolete in future because technology changes hence taking back-ups of your blog are the need of the hour. You can convert all your blog posts into PDF and keep a back-up of your files in your computer. Printing out written materials is what I suggest because if there’s a Digital Apocalypse by any chance, you can start everything afresh with those printed materials. Keeping your files in both Print and Digital formats will help you to prevent Digital Apocalypse.

Lately, millions of blogs are affected when a blogging platform’s server went down. Bloggers all around the world started tweeting about this. That was just a temporary issue but it gave nightmares to millions of bloggers who passionately invested their time for providing original content to the world.  Such incidents are eye-openers for people who not only write for the moment but also write for the future generation.  We are living in a digital era and we need to be protected from attacks that can shatter our Digital dreams.  Do it before it’s too late, print out your blogs or save it safely somewhere offline for surviving the onslaught of unpredictable Digital Apocalypse, before it’s too late.

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