In the Era of Artificial Mountains and Vertical Farms

Jonathan loves to travel a lot, especially hill stations where he practices meditation. He is always on a hunt to discover newer places. He lusts over tourist-free destinations and greener patches. He is an escapist because he is tormented by the regular chaos of urban life. He is bored of seeing people running behind public transport, he is tired of inhaling poisonous smokes that make him sick. Jonathan wears a mask to survive the dangers of global warming. He lives in a skyscraper and sees no trees. The increasing pollution and human drilling for wealth all around make people like Jonathan escape to a place full of life. The modern world is turning into a dusty town where every drop of rain matters hence futurists all around the world is working hard to create things that will completely change the face of the modern world.

We surely live in interesting times where technology is trying to manipulate Nature. Don't worry about the future as the world seems to be inventing new things every day to preserve humanity. UAE, for instance, is trying to create artificial mountains for cloud formation and rain. The impact of global warming is huge in people's lives hence, it's the right time to create something to stop the upcoming apocalypse and there are scientists creating exciting stuff to preserve mankind from extinction.

Artificial Mountains promise to transform the dry areas into lush green places. It's a mammoth initiative to colonize unlivable places on Earth while vertical farming seems to be one of the greatest inventions to grow food in crowded and infertile places. Both these initiatives are pro-humanity and will surely change the face of this world by 2025. It would be no surprise to see people buying fresh vegetables from a vertical farm from a supermarket. People living in the desert don't have to pray for rain when you have artificial mountains to manufacture them. The advancement of science and technology will enable the farmers to grow newer crops and people will have a surplus amount of food for survival.

We are lucky to see real mountains and natural farms, however, due to overpopulation and industrialization, the future generation may not be able to see the grasslands rather they will be visiting the artificial mountains for vacations and enjoy the man-made rain. The constant up-gradation of lifestyle and the urge to live and work in a skyscraper is transforming green places into concrete jungles. People living near nature always have to move towards these concrete jungles to get a job hence, there's always a chance of total annihilation of nature for survival.

The hill stations may not stay there because there will be intruders to convert those places into places of benefits and the locals won't revolt because they want jobs. The success of a state depends on its progress, not happiness now. The happiness factor is no more considered to be a criterion for a progressive state which is why people are destroying mountains and extracting minerals to survive.

 It's a recurring process, firstly they are destroying places and then they are trying to fix it, however, building artificial mountains in dry areas surely create hopes for more greenery while vertical farming in crowded places will eradicate hunger. Technology for reconstructing nature without manipulating its core surely makes a good idea, however, appreciating the resources, which we have now play a greater role in making this world a much happier place.

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