How Will Smart Contact Lenses Make You A Superhuman?

Imagine creating a huge database of images and videos of your daily life, your regular interactions with people, colleagues, friends, and spouse without using a camera. A well-documented life where you can revisit every situation, every moment and every memory whenever you want. A constant recorder of your life's ebb and flow. Imagine seeing every glimpse of your achievement and joy recorded by your eyes except the moments spent during sleep when your eyes are closed. Sounds like a plot from a science fiction book where the superhero attains this power after a genetic mutation or a laboratory experiment.

Attaining superhuman powers is no more a thing of science fiction books and movies. The concept of Smart Contact Lens - Sony's new patent enables you to record and playback stuff you see in your real life. You not only live your life but also record it for the future. You will be able to preserve the moments of your life without carrying a camera. Smart Contact Lens bestows you with the ability to store the images captured by your eyes in an external device. The contact lenses act like tiny cameras that start recording whenever you want. The ability of the tiny cameras to recognize between deliberate blinking and natural blinking is what makes it a nerdy device.

The main source of power for these contact lenses to function comes from electromagnetic induction. The continuous process of enhancing human abilities not only creates many apprehensions but also lure us to decipher the unknown horizon. Imagine attending a lecture wearing these contact lenses, which will eventually increase your chances to do well in your exams. You are suddenly transformed into a whizz kid. Imagine the ability to show other what you see in real-time will make the whole experience so surreal. The ability to swap moments could surely make this device more interesting.

Contact lens with the ability to record is just a concept for now however in future these lenses will become a reality which will not only help people to analyze their mistakes and fix it but also help them to showcase their real-world experience to their friends and family however with such technology, privacy can always be an issue.

Wearing them in a movie theatre may be hazardous for the filmmaking industry as there will be chances of leakage and piracy.  Using these lenses can also be an intrusive task as you are trying to do something regularly that may obstruct the natural process of seeing. The continuous recording may also make you more conscious if you are documenting them for others. Wearable technology is utterly immersive hence it’s always advisable to know the pros and cons before using them.

Wearing those contact lenses where cameras are prohibited may cause a security issue. What if these lenses are hacked? Technology helps humanity to prosper but what if these inventions are misused. The future looks extremely snazzy at the moment where everything we just imagined becoming a reality. From augmented reality apps to digital immortality, from self-driving cars to levitating hover boards, from artificial meteor showers to invisible trains, from humanoids to mountain air supplying companies, we are witnessing almost every theory from science fiction books coming to life.  Enhanced vision is still in the production stage yet such ideas will open up many debates and discussions for the futurists. 

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