Empty Spaces and Minimalism is the Future of Urban Homes and Offices

Vipp Shelter : by Vipp

The idea of living a life free from things that don't really matter in our everyday lives, discarding the junk from the spaces, practicing a life of passion is becoming the newest lifestyle trend. The increase of consumerism is leading to monotony hence people trying to break away from constant chaos to create a minimalistic world.

Rear Extension : by CATO creative

Less becoming More and the concept of living in empty spaces free from clutter is what a modern man wants. With the advent of technology, the concept of empty office spaces will soon become a reality. In the context of urban homes, where square feet area is premium, keeping your abode neat and clean is a must for that cosy feeling that one expects from his or her home.  As explained by the infographic on the A1 Facility Services blog, it can be done quickly all by yourself too. A clutter-free existence will exude harmony. Maybe there will be no real people in a board meaning rather there will be virtual people created by hologram technology. There will be no desktops or telephones and disappearance of unused things from spaces will soon become a reality.

Minimalism will become the next big home decor trend. The idea of incorporating storage spaces and other essential features in the design is what modern homes will be doing. The thought of living in an empty space with minimal clutter is not only refreshing but also very propelling for your creativity to flourish. Unlike yesteryears, we now try to hide everything inside the walls to bring more clarity to our homes. An empty room with important things or a minimalistic home located on a hill top is what the exhausted modern men crave for.

Simplicity is the new dictum and in order to attain an aesthetically sound life, many people around the globe are considering minimalist design. Although it looks easier for your eyes, a minimalistic theme is hardest to design. From a dream penthouse to a mobile home, from a mansion to a studio apartment, from a bungalow to a chalet, minimalism has the ability to exude elegance and sophistication in any genre.

Living in a simple house with aesthetically designed interiors is a refreshing experience. It's a liberating practice to work in empty spaces with very less distraction. Your surroundings influence the state of your mind and living in the simplest setting takes you away from the worldly disruptions. It's your most desired escape from the busy urban life. The future offices will have very fewer accessories and more spaces and trends like hiding the wires, bringing the outdoors in and disappearing cubicles are already incorporated by many. In future, almost everything will disappear and only those important things will stay that will consequently provide a more breathing and thinking space. Embracing minimalism is like going back to your past with very less manmade ornaments and more natural offerings.


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  2. Nitin Dangwal3:49 AM

    Totally agree with these thoughts. Minimalism is gaining mainstream acceptance. And the sense of beauty it evokes, in times where everything is cluttered, is really a balm to the senses. Well written.

  3. inducares6:27 PM

    I was having dejavue as i read your post because i have a ready draft in my blog on the same topic which i will post tomorrow.But the take is different.
    Very surprising--no?

  4. True! Less is More seems like a reality now. A clutter-free space is what we all prefer now to attain that much need breathing and thinking solace.

  5. That's incredible though. I would like to read your perspective about minimalism.

  6. wow...quite loved the pics and your take on minimalism

  7. I can relate to this article completely! Curvy girls are better than the girls who starve themselves!

  8. Helpful blog.... will try to make my home like the illustrated in blog!

  9. Really a great things shared here. Thanks for sharing this blog. I like to read even more about minimalism. Top Architects in Chennai