Why 3D Printing Is the Ultimate Gateway to Your Dreams?

The world is constantly changing, the pace at which technology is shaping the way people live, think, and prosper depends upon the skills they acquire throughout their lifetime. From self-driven cars to drones, from augmented reality applications to digital immortality, almost all the magical things are becoming a reality sooner or later. With the advancement of technology, mankind has invented things that only looked real in Science Fiction books and movies. 3D Printing is one such technological wonder that promises to revolutionize the world in the coming decades. From Medical Science to Fashion, From Military to Space, From Architecture to Robotics, almost every field will utilize this technology in the future.

Unlike traditional printing, 3D printing is capable of printing 3-dimensional objects. You can print anything and everything from your computer if you have the 3D design. You can create your own statue or print out moments from your life from photographs.  It's a very initial stage to predict the future of this avant-garde technology, but that day is not far when you can customize everything from furniture to your wedding ring through this technology. The story of a blind would-be mother feeling the first look of her baby through ultrasound images is just making rounds on the Internet. You can immortalize your parents by making mini structures through 3D printing. Everyone wants to wear something exclusive for every occasion and wearing your self-designed product is now possible with this technology.

This technology also enables parents to print out 3D drawings their kids make for memories. Imagine the joy of creating your own comic hero through this technology. 3D Printing enables you to transform your imagination into reality. Now you can download things from your computer. Food printing is possible through this technology and NASA will be using it for their astronauts.  From selfie pancakes to real-life transformer planes, from batmobile to hyper-realistic robots, 3D printing is definitely the future. 3D printing can be a blessing for a Tattoo artist and an Architect. It looks realistic now to build an Eiffel tower in your backyard.

The world of 3D Printing is all about molding your ideas into reality. It's all about co-creation. Morphedo is one such futuristic Indian startup that offers product designs under the lifestyle category. Morphedo is currently offering products that can be manufactured in 14 different colors and in multiple sizes. They also help customers to design their own products through their Concept Manufacturing offering.  Their design team will convert customer ideas into 3D design and surprise them at an affordable price. Making 3D printing accessible and affordable is the main idea behind the genesis of Morphedo. Book a Scan is the most interesting feature of this portal. Capturing memories and converting them into miniature is pure magic. Morphedo helps in scanning, Processing, Making, and Delivering your product.  Shape your ideas and create something for which you can be proud of through this platform and I bet you won’t be disappointed. 

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