How Will Change The Face Of Blogging In India?

The modern world is hungry for great stories, stories that can change your life, tales that can make you think, ideas that will take you to higher places and blogs satiate your hunger for original content. The world of blogging is dark yet we all love to explore the darkness. We want to interact with the open world. We want to learn things that were never revealed to our ancestors. We now have access to secret libraries, newest innovation, and handpicked opinions.

Blogs transformed the world of written words.  Bloggers became influencers, attracted mainstream media, created headlines and successfully provided information that helped people to make the right decision. With the advancement of technology, the importance of online content is constantly rising.  Smartphones made blogs more accessible, which is why blogging is no more a dead activity rather it's one of the most powerful tools to change people's perception about products, places and experiences which is why aims to bring top bloggers and businesses together to create an informed world. is an Automated Influencer Targeting Engine (AITE) that will help Businesses to spread the word about their newly launched products and services by top bloggers. is the brainchild of the Indiblogger Team. The newly launched portal will help both bloggers (Influencers) and Businesses.  With, there will be no shortage of ideas for bloggers to write meaningful content. Businesses don't have to go through the painful task of identifying top bloggers from their niche. will surely bring out the best of both worlds.

According to its website - IndiPR removes the manual need to physically select and target Influencers. IndiPR's revolutionary system leverages an internal ranking process to automatically enable the right influencers to write for your campaign. 

IndiPR Logo
Looks like a safe haven for PR professionals, IndiPR will surely change the total ball game of content marketing.  This is only the beginning of another chapter of Blogging. IndiPR's future goals include interesting assignments for bloggers, launch invitations and access to latest news before anyone else on the planet. The whole concept sounds exciting. It will not only inspire bloggers to create more stories but also enhance their power to influence the world.