Confessions Of A Curious Dreamer – How I Solved Problems & Found Ideas Through Creative Sleep

Since childhood, I am fascinated towards the world of dreams. Constant daydreaming and my sleeping habits make me a procrastinator to the outer world. My dad thinks I am the laziest guy who loves sleeping at any given time but in reality, I was just another curious dreamer. He wants me to wake up and do some physical exercise but I am always busy dreaming.

The whole process of sleep is so fascinating and only few who dream a lot can understand. My sleeping habits may not be considered normal but I do get lots of exciting ideas in my dreams. I have developed a unique skill to manipulate my dreams. Sometimes, I start with a story in my head before sleeping and during my sleep; I get my story getting completed with a perfect ending. I am fond of sleep writing, which is crazy. I don't know how productive it is for others but I like scribbling down my scattered dreams whenever I see them. In order to get a sleep full of imaginative dreams, I watch movies and read exciting stuff and meet people who inspire me before sleep.

 I am constantly hunting for ideas for satiating my mind. I remember telling my brother about my dreaming habits, I always wanted to see fulfilling dreams. Every night I see dreams that are not only fantastical but also very relevant to the present state of life. There are flying dreams, riding dreams, dreams of talking to dead ones, walking in subways, airport and various types of dream sequences that keep me busy. All dreams may not be beautiful; I had dreams of getting shot once and felt the near-death experience. Nobody dies in dreams, you just wake up. I see recurring dreams of appearing in Math Exam, which always gives me a sense of fear. Dreams and nightmares are a part of your life but the ability to record your dreams is what I practice.

The real world is boring hence; I took the route of sleep to see unimaginable things, which is not possible in real life. I constructed my own world and tried to make characters in my dreams, I also solved many real-life problems through my dreams. Maybe I have mastered the craft of Lucid Dreaming; however, the existence of sleep and dreams is one of the greatest influencers in my life. You must have seen the amount of irritability is high if you are sleep deprived hence getting a perfect sleep is important for waking up to a fresh morning. Afternoon naps are also considered productive and you shouldn't laugh at your colleague who is constantly found dozing at work after lunch.

There are other benefits like wound healing, waste clearance, improved decision making, better sex, etc. associated with sleep. The famous inspiration that came from dreams includes John Lennon's #9 Dreams, Christopher Nolan's Inception, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Salvador Dalí's Persistence of Memory, Paul McCartney's Yesterday, and Stephen King's Dreamcatcher. Hence, we can't deny the importance of sleep and dreams in our day to day lives. Keeping a dream journal may sound crazy but if you see a fascinating dream, you should write it down. It's amazing to read them in your wakefulness. From fiction to poetry, surrealism to rock, dreams offer you inspiration in all possible genres. In order to attain the perfect creative orgasm, you should practice the art of manipulating your dreams. You are just a few nights of sleep away from the most amazing dream sequence of your life.

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