World After 100 Years - What If You Wake Up After 100 Years from a Cryogenic Sleep?

The world is constantly changing. The regular up-gradation of formats and inventions of new technology for making life easier is actually taking us forward to that unimaginable future world. Today's lifestyle is empowered by mobile apps. Almost everything is available online however people still prefer the real world when it comes to shopping and buying expensive items. The virtual world is slowly taking over the physical world, the robots are slowly taking over workers in some countries, the virtual reality looks more pleasant than the actual truth, the toys becoming real. Self-driving cars are almost a reality. Now drones are used for capturing live concert inside a pub. You can book anything from the cab to movies. You are aware of latest trends and breaking news instantly. These things look very snazzy for now but what if you wake up suddenly after 100 years from a Cryogenic Sleep and find the world like never before?

Cryogenic sleep is often referred to in science fiction books as something that can put a human under a hibernating mode for a very long time. Scientist across the world is experimenting this for sending humans to Mars and other planets. The world after 100 years may change totally, you will be seeing people from other planets visiting planet Earth as there will be colonies around the galaxy. Due to various factors, the appearance won't be the same for humans. The constant adaptation will change the features. There will be no trees; there will be only man-made sanctuaries. Most of the animals will become extinct while robots will be a part of our family. There will be marriages happening between humans and robots. There will be a universal language and we never know what will be the language of the future. Most of the documents will become obsolete but it will be produced in different formats. Computers won't look same. There will be no physical desktops or laptops; there will be only virtual screens that can be created anywhere. Future offices will have no furniture; empty spaces will become a reality. There will be virtual workstations. Travelling to different parts of the world won't be difficult as there will private aircraft for everyone just like cell phones. People won't just fly, there will be underground passages to most of the locations, the sea, and the oceans, almost everywhere you will find man-made routes. The future generation won't be wearing chic futuristic clothes as seen in Fiction movies but will prefer to stay naked. Human beings will become dependent on robots. You can access people mind if you have the password to his brain.

The future human beings can also fly with the help of man-made wings. The future recreation activities will be like dating a humanoid, having a great time in the floating mountain, eating flavored capsules. Someone waking up after 100 years will look so ridiculous because the way things are now will never be the same in future. The world will have no boundaries as the population of human beings will reduce and humans will no more fight with humans as there will be other enemies like the Outsiders, i. e humans from other planets. Someone from our generation will feel awkward to talk to someone as the language will totally change. Waking up to a dream world full of scientific powers will surely attract the man from our era but it will surely make him think about the beauty of our generation. We are the lucky ones to have both nature and power of technology with a controllable population but things will never be the same again. Global warming which is seen as the major threat today may not be such a great deal in future because people won't live in lands, they will be living in capsules filled with artificial oxygen may be. From quiet supersonic jets to hypersonic vactrains, commuting will somewhat be very fast. The concept of 24 hrs will vanish, and humans will work less because they will become hyper-productive. Antarctica will be the new Manhattan. Many cities will no longer exist. Every Human will have a code and can be tracked by the Super Robots. Invisibility can be the real thing and there will be designated software for this.  Human cloning and other banned stuff may see the light of day in future.  Power generation will be from other sources completely. It can be a man-made sun.

It's totally difficult to survive after 100 years for a human from our era because he/she won't find it sane enough but not to forget the future technology will be so sharp that it will be able to embed existing culture into his head. After 100 years, all blogs, documents, music, movies of our generation will be shelved somewhere in the galaxy. Only the future historians will have access to it as things written today will become utterly important for the scientist to establish another humane world with real landscapes and emotions. The future generation will crave for the love and affection, the feeling of lust and greed, the excitement of meeting someone. The mechanical world will make people perform like robots without a valid soul. Things of today are equally precious because things we are ignoring today will become prized possessions for the future generation.  


  1. This is good stuff. If you haven't already, you should watch an animated series called 'Futurama'.

  2. Thank You! Will watch :-)