The Real World of Face Swapping - #MSQRD

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Tech giants are continuously focusing on virtual reality apps. Apps that can easily enhance your reality with a bit of fiction and one such app is MSQRD which is recently bought by Facebook. This app allows you to apply filters to your face, which is just amazing.

It's purely 3-dimensional. These masks look real for change. The future of technology is here and if you see such developments taking place every day, that day is no far when we will be able to cross boundaries through wires. The advent of face swapping apps is opening up newer vistas of create fun moments. Currently this app has few masks however with time newer mask will be added for sure.
That day is not far when you will be able to change your face according to your mood. Available in Android phones, this app is destined to go viral and soon to become a household thing for sure in India too. People will use this app in various occasions. For introverts, this app is a blessing in disguise as they can easily give wonderful reviews on Youtube by using these masks. You have a new face everyday now and MSQRD makes sure that you look good and real.

These are initial days for such amazing inventions by humans. This app can take your selfies to another level of craziness as its world class imaging is accurate as it easily mimics your face movements. The uniqueness of this app is its blending prowess. Although there are few standard masks available right now but they have the capability to look different in every face. Your friend may not look similar wearing the same mask and that's the beauty. At a Party and want to share your moments, use MSQRD app and share your joy with all the iron man fans by wearing the Tony Stark mask. Want to surprise your kids and look funny, wear the mask of a monkey. You can easily do many things with this app.

                                      Here's a short video I made using #MSQRD app



  1. Technology is changing so fast it is hard to keep track.... it seems that all our childhood sci fi movies will come true within the next few years...