Digital Immortality is Real - The Future of Archiving People as Avatars

Imagine life after 100 years when nobody from our generation would be there to tell the stories. Almost everyone will be dead and gone by then. All Facebook and other social media profiles of our generation will be no more active. Today's charming beauty will be tomorrow's dead grandma, today's firebrand personalities will go down to the history books and archived in digital libraries, today's leaders and their deeds will be a part of the syllabus but there will be no real people from our generation left  to talk and inspire the future folks. There will be no trace left, death will take everyone away. Imagine a life where we can interact with our dead grandparents and friends virtually and on a regular basis like we do with our friends on Facebook and Whatsapp.

Imagine dead people still talking and responding like them imagine departed people updating their online journals like they did while they were alive. Imagine they are talking to you in Skype after they are gone from this planet. Everything looks so unrealistic now but this is our future and we will be able to talk with the deceased people in future like we do now. We will be able to take suggestions from them although that can be little archaic for the future generation still we can do that. From science fiction books to real life, immortality will be achieved digitally for now and people are working on it to make it exciting and as real as it can be.

These thoughts may give us goose bumps and sadness of losing great souls may disturb our existence but people of our generation won't let the idea of immortality go down as mere fiction, people from our generation are working hard and they have found the access to Digital Immortality. The idea of digital immortality is real and you can achieve this now. is the newest online portal or we can say a great technological wonder created by futurists solely to preserve your important thoughts, stories and memories for eternity. This great innovation promises to preserve your parents' memories forever, it promises to preserve your legacy for the future, it claims to let your grandchildren know about your parents by creating digital Avatars just like your parents that will interact, tell stories and live forever.

Eternime will build the unique virtual avatar that will mimic your personality. They will create this immortal avatar by collecting your present thoughts, stories and memories. The future generation will have access to it. Your avatar will be the guiding light for the future kids. Eternime wants to create a library that has people instead of books that enable the future generation to get an interactive history.

Digital Avatars do promise to keep you away from the loneliness that you experience after the death of your loved ones. This platform will open up great opportunities for people to recreate moments and share memories again with the virtual avatars. Although the digital avatars will react according to their preserved personality but the joy of interacting itself will be huge. With the advancement of technologies like Mind Uploading and 3 -D printing, that day is not far when you will be interacting with a life-size Avatar of your dead friends and relatives.  

 Published Here: The Assam Tribune | 8th April 2016 | Print

Also published here: Ghost In The Machine: Living Forever As A Digital Avatar | Huffington Post

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  1. A very good take but very hard to imagine. What a bleak future it would be where virtual people interact with our virtual people. After some point maybe even the digital people would want to die. Who knows?

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  2. So finally we find the key to eternal life... In the Internet! :)

  3. This is a good idea. Nice innovation.