An Open Letter to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Haters

Dear Haters and Critics,

I am writing this letter to let you know how new age masterpieces will be disregarded by critics and haters to satisfy their own inflated egos. Undoubtedly Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the most awaited movies of the decade but the explosion of bad reviews and criticisms were so funny that people eventually started hating the haters. I never thought journalists from such reputed newspapers will dump this movie. I consciously made a decision not to read anything about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I kept my ears and eyes closed and I completely avoided discussing the movie. I booked my tickets and started watching this movie with no expectation but I was extremely excited to see both my superheroes in one movie for the first time ever.

Ben Affleck as Batman did a terrific job and he looked quite huge in his Batman suit while Henry Cavill as Superman looked exactly like the Superman from the comic books. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was terrific with his sleek acting skills. I seriously liked him, unlike other critics and journalists who said bad things about him. Everybody's talking about Gal Gadot (Wonder woman) after watching this movie as she was brilliant in her short act. After watching this movie I started reading reviews about the movie online and I found them monotonous as if all the reviews were written by the same author.

Everyone is criticizing the dream sequences in the movie, horrible usage of special effects and blah. I would like to tell all the critics that it's a comic book fantasy film and if you want to find logic and scientific evidence, you are just not in the right place. You have no idea what comic characters and plots. People criticizing the story hardly understand the beauty of the dream sequences. I admire portrayal of dream sequences in Zack Snyder's movies, although critics may term it convoluted, I would like to say no one ever sees a completely perfect dream. Dreams are destined to be confusing and that's the beauty.

If this movie is pure trash, why it's breaking box office records everywhere? Why everyone is talking about the sequel, why critics went mute after it got a huge response. It's very easy to criticize a work of art blindly and reject movies that are made from sheer hard work and passion but it needs lots of guts to appreciate a well-made movie like this. Unlike others, I won't say anything about the movie because I have seen big time critics telling the whole story in the review which is disgusting. How can you tell the plot beforehand to your readers? No matter what people think, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the best superhero movies of all time and it's only the beginning, there will be more awesomeness coming soon from the house of Warner Bros and DC Comics. If you are still not convinced of the greatness of this movie, go and watch it. It's better to experience the magnificent cinematic performances rather than criticizing and spreading fake reviews to dampen the spirit of fans and movie buffs.

Thank You!

Also Published Here: The Huffington Post

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