Yoga Pants in India - Why are Yoga Pants More Popular than Bikinis and Wonderbras in India?

As I have written earlier why Indian women don't wear Bikini and how wonderbras are hogging all the limelight. Now it's time for Yoga Pants in India which is helping Indian women to increase their oomph factor like never before. The world is crazy about butts. However, the impact of Butt fixation is not only restricted to men. Yoga pants are comfortable to wear and one of the best things to carry during workouts and day to day activities but still few countries don't allow school girls to wear them. In India, forget about Bikinis, wearing short skirts may cause eyeballs to rotate, the popularity of yoga pants are increasing every day. From young girls to middle-aged women, everyone loves to wear yoga pants.  Women in India mostly wear Yoga Pants during workouts. Unlike Bikini, you can wear Yoga Pants everywhere. Indian women are curvaceous and they exude immense beauty hence they don't require Bikini or Wonderbras to accentuate their assets. So let’s discuss some of the few reasons why Yoga Pants are more popular wear in India.

1. Flexibility: One of the best features of Yoga Pants is its flexibility. It helps you to perform workouts with full ease without a fear of wear and tear.

2. Enhancement: It enhances your overall backside and makes it look toned. Most girls who workouts like to flaunt and Yoga Pants give them full freedom to do it with pride.

3. Versatility: Unlike Bikinis which can be only worn at the beaches, you can wear Yoga pants everywhere. From attending a fitness seminar to clubbing, from shopping to walking in a neighborhood park, Yoga pants goes well in every situation.

4. Fitness Freak: Wearing Yoga Pants give onlookers an idea about how fitness conscious you are in real life. It goes well with Kurta as well as with tees.

5. Trendy: From Kim Kardashian to Paris Hilton, almost every celebrity is flaunting Yoga Pants and making a great fashion statement.

6. Belfies: Some of the best butt selfies can be clicked wearing Yoga Pants because it appropriately accentuates your back side.

7. No vulgarity: Nobody considers Yoga Pants vulgar thus it makes the best choice for Indian women.

8. Driving: Wearing Yoga Pants are considered comfortable while driving too.

9. Yoga: Best known for performing Yoga with ease, Yoga Pants is the preferred dress code for this activity.

These are only my views and if you have any suggestions or points to make about this, you can go ahead and write in the comment section. Indian women are beautiful and they don't actually require any external factor to make them attractive. They look extremely good in saree as well as in western outfit. It's only about looking good and wearing Yoga Pants is all about choice. Every woman is unique and it's their own choice to wear or not to wear however the increasing popularity of Yoga Pants are only telling that Indian women are definitely getting some results for good.

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