Why Women Hate You And Will Probably Never Date You?

Some guys aren't so lucky with women. Yes, the nice guy types, the needy types, the clingy types etc. etc. but what's wrong in being nice, often guys with the best behavior gets dumped by women. Understanding the science of attracting a woman is probably the most difficult task for an average man. How to make that first impact or impression? There are people around who will give you ideas to attract a girl of your dream but most of these ideas fail in real life. We all have a great expectations but the reality pinches you, when you see them falling apart. Why every woman you think as prospective date will never date you? Why they will keep you hanging without giving you a proper response to text messages? The answer is - they are not interested.

Making that first move is good but it's always advisable to follow the subtle hints before approaching a girl. There are no rules of attraction; you sometimes get attracted to someone without knowing the reason. There may be a subconscious element which helps in making the first impact very high. You don't have to try hard for making that first impact. You may just fail if you are trying it harder. Women are not interested in men who are not doers. They seek for practicality in a relationship no matter how emotional is your bonding. Being practical is good sometimes. Girls hate to date a guy who keeps telling about his achievements and blah blah. Nobody is interested in your biography unless and until you are Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs. Modern dating is all about the perfect blend of love and lust; hence your physical appearance plays a major role in building a potential love relationship. Women like instant gratification, hence complimenting them with true words make them feel good. We have seen women dating not so attractive man in real life and often wondering about the element of attraction between them. Women generally don't look for any specific thing in a guy. They look for the overall packaging. Most of the thinking woman in India actually discards men who are mediocre. There's no room for ordinary existence, you have to be good at something to get the girl of your dream.

If you are not good looking at least be good in conversation, if you are not tall enough, at least try to be a good listener. You are destined to get friend zoned if you keep troubling her despite of her disinterest towards you. If a woman is interested, she will approach you directly. The modern dating scene is evolving every day, unlike good old days; women in India are now more open towards relationships. Most men meet success in the dating game because they know how to make that first impact. Knowingly or unknowingly, they somehow build a grand impression which becomes extremely difficult for the woman to forget. Those guys become their obsession. Breaking the touch barrier is important for getting out of that friend zone thing but it's always advisable to touch correctly. Women in India are very sensitive and they would definitely know the difference between good and bad touch. In order to make that lasting impact that won't make you look and sound like a douche bag, be yourself. There's nothing like that. Women in India are crazy for love just like men; it's only about creating that fantastic impact and you life changes forever!


  1. "if you are not tall enough, at least try to be a good listener"- how does that figure? :p

  2. It may sound weird but yes, you have to be good at something for satisfying a woman's whims and fancies. Well, tall guys are mostly at a advantageous position while attracting girl but you are not tall enough than just try to be a good listener at least rather than blabbering about your tall achievements. It's all about interpretation and perspective. I hope it made some sense.