Why She Rejected You On Your First Date And Never Called You Back?

The Internet is one of the craziest inventions of our times. There are many horror stories associated with online dating. The big gap between the expectations vs. reality is one of the main reasons for rejection. The impact of the Internet for matchmaking is very high. The ability to hide your true self online makes you a superman in the virtual world but how good you are in real life is what matters most in the dating game. It's advisable not to make an idea of the person through their profile pictures because a photograph is only the brighter side of his/her personality and it's difficult to know him/her through those photographs alone.

Doing a background check is important for preventing future hassles and it's always good to keep yourself transparent if you are looking to meet a girl through the Internet. Everyone in this world is looking for love and lust and their busy lives don't give them enough time to look for the right kind of partner hence the presence of Internet plays a major role in bringing those busy people together to start a new life. A date can't be bought like a pizza online. Finding the perfect match is extremely difficult because you look for various ingredients in your partner, which is not possible instantly. Getting a perfect match online instantly is a myth for now because it's India and everyone is skeptical about the whole new online dating thing hence the presence of mutual friends can be a game changer. You would always like to date someone who is known to you and you know a little bit about him/her. There's nothing like blind dates now as you can see each other before meeting. 

Rahul, a 30-year-old engineer who met someone online recently got dumped after his first date. He met Sunaina on Facebook last month and after chatting with her almost for one month, they both decided to meet up in some place near Connaught Place, New Delhi. Rahul and Sunaina were extremely comfortable with each other online, they used to talk over the phone but never seen each other physically. They both were staying in the same place but they couldn't gather the courage to meet each other. After chatting for one month, Sunaina wanted Rahul to meet her. Rahul was excited as well as nervous because it's his first date. Rahul stays alone in Delhi and he is a bit shy to talk to girls in real life but when he talks over the phone or chats, he performs like a rock star. He can mesmerize any girl with his sweet voice and interesting conversations but when it comes to reality, he struggled to get a partner. Sunaina, however, was a very practical and transparent girl. She was equally comfortable in real as well as virtual life. After a brief chat in the morning, they both decided to face each other around 6 PM. Rahul couldn't sit properly in his cubicle out of excitement and fear. Around 5 PM, Rahul left office to meet his Internet sweetheart Sunaina. She was waiting in front of McDonald's in CP. At 6.10, they both finally met. Rahul was very happy to see her but Sunaina was not talking to him properly. It was Rahul, who was doing all the talking. Sunaina is an independent girl who looked confident but she was not talking to Rahul properly. Is every all right? - Rahul asks. I have to go now - Sunaina hurriedly picks her handbag and leaves the place.

What went wrong? Rahul kept thinking and couldn't find the reason. Rahul tried to call her after she leaves but her phone was busy. That night Rahul couldn't sleep. In the morning, he tried to contact her through Facebook but couldn't find her anywhere. She blocked him on Facebook and other online profiles. Rahul in desperation called her again but there was no response. That date completely destroyed Rahul's self-esteem. There are many stories of rejection just like Rahul's, which can be utterly disturbing hence it's significant to show what you really are instead of creating an illusion of your image for your partner. She rejected Rahul because he was short; he was not that good looking too. He completely looked different in real life. Rahul may be a great guy but he tried to mislead Sunaina by bluffing about his height and looks. After one year, Rahul met her again on Facebook and saw her married to someone else. Rahul was much better looking than that guy but she dumped Rahul because he lied about his height. Rejection is no end to his life but it's always safe to showcase your true self while choosing a partner online. Not everyone will tell you the reason for leaving you. It can be different reasons for Sunaina leaving Rahul hence don’t brag about yourself online so much that your real image gets affected. It’s always safe to stay grounded.

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