Why Most Indian Women Want Someone To Get Attracted Towards Her?

In the middle of a mundane life, when everything just becomes a ritual, woman just like man wants a partner who appreciates her skills, compliments her often and takes her for dates. The busy urban society, the ruthless traffic jams, the pressure of reaching targets, high hopes and the itch to make a difference makes your life sad. In order to revive the lust, woman in India wants someone who can fulfill her whims and fancies and take her for an exciting ride. The dust of time makes everyone a victim and slowly the want for looking good and impressing someone fades away into oblivion. The need becomes different and everyday work becomes a duty. The loneliness increases and the passion of yesteryears just take a back seat. The most dreaded mid life crisis knocks her door, which seriously makes her funny and desperate to grab attention.

People start doing things that they must have done earlier but due to work and family, they couldn’t do it. Women in India are family centric, no matter how independent they are, their first priority is always family hence they get trapped in the household chores, in the whole process, they lose their skills. Suddenly, a waft of realization hits them hard and they want to explore the world at large. An unpredicted compliment can change their life. Indian women are beautiful but no appraisal makes them unhappy. An unpredicted compliment can make them rise from their ashes. She needs someone to get attracted to her. In her silent fantasies, she lust after a man who show interest. The impact of compliments surely plays a major role to motivate her and start things afresh.

Ankita, a 36 year old housewife living in the posh area of GK, she left her job few years ago before the birth of Rohan, her son. Now Rohan is big enough to go to school alone and Ankita now feels lonely because she stays at her home and have nothing to do except watching TV and cooking food. She feels the urge to start her career. A feeling of boredom settles down in her kingdom. One day, Ankita meets Joe at a party and Joe without any hidden intention compliments her. Ankita after ages got that very compliment about her smile and hair that she was so used to in her college days and suddenly felt the need to spruce up her life. That very compliment from Joe actually changed her life. Ankita started browsing fashion magazines to enhance her appearance. She became much more attractive than before. That very compliment actually gave Ankita a reason to start her own Fashion boutique. Now Ankita is a successful entrepreneur. There are thousands of Indian women like Ankita who is still trapped between boredom and duty, Indian woman loses their charm if there is no one to compliment them. They forget about their beauty with time. Every woman in India wants someone to get attracted towards her and when they get it, they are surely on cloud nine. Let’s start complimenting each other and add new colors to our existence. Let’s have a meaningful and happy life.  It’s never too late though!

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