Why Indian Men Like Older Women?

Man reading for an older woman
Older women are matured, well dressed and understanding compared to the mindless selfie generation. Unlike yesteryears, today's generation of men look for maturity and experience in a relationship. Younger girls don't attract the whims and fancies of a thinking men however with age comes that grace. Older women are independent, no-nonsense bunch of people who knows their priorities. Younger girls are less experienced in terms of building a relationship. Every girl is unique but age plays a major role in shaping her personality. Older girls with experience are more tolerable than the younger lot. They know how to tackle a situation with ease and are not dependent on others. They are decision makers and they perfected this art after years of experience.

Although the idea of younger girls looking better than the older ones is prevalent in the minds of everyone but beauty is not only about a pretty face. Beauty is something, which is a combination of good looks and maturity. There's no use of having a gorgeous face if you don't have a beautiful mind. Why Indian men like older women? The answer is very simple. Men by nature likes to me understood. The level of understanding a younger man and an older woman have is excellent. Things are changing for good and the man-made notions about dating are actually taking a U-turn. Unlike yesteryears, when every man wanted a virgin girl, the concept of attraction is simply changing. Now most men prefer to date an older woman who must be more experienced in every possible aspect of life.

Women hiding age, trying to look younger and hitting the gym for attracting men however it's not always the case with men. Few men hide their age because just like women, men also become much more attractive with passing year. Youth is a symbol of fertility and Adulthood signifies matured fertility. An older woman is much more attractive than a younger woman because with time they have maintained and groomed themselves so brilliantly that they often find their college pictures horrible.

The impact of older woman in Indian men surely is huge. Older woman may be dominating in some cases but they are always smooth and stable in most of the cases. The idea of dating an older woman is itself an excitement. You don't have to hide your imperfections to impress them. They are tolerant and they can easily see the potential in you. But there are always exceptions; some younger girls are matured enough in today's world. There are few girls that fall in that category, but if you find one, you should never let them go away from your life.

 Younger girls with brains are difficult to find. What I write can make no sense because I know many of you may find it hard to resist the fact that actually most men in India look for maturity in a relationship. Your partner may be the best looking girl in the world but if she doesn't understand you, there's no use of flaunting your trophy girlfriend or wife. Relationship is not about how presentable your partner is but how comfortable you are with your partner. The compatibility is the game changer and most men find a healthy compatibility with an older woman. The impact of urbanization and exposure to the vast library of knowledge through Internet is changing the mindset of everyone. Aging gracefully is what our generation is looking forward too. No matter how old or how young you are, you deserve to have fun. One shouldn't get distracted by age. You are human being hence you are destined to age. Instead of hiding age and grey hair, people should flaunt them with ease.