What If Digital Dark Age Is Real?

The impact of digitalization is so high that we can't imagine a day without its presence in our day to day lives. What if everything written by our generation becomes obsolete in future and our existence fades away into oblivion because there are no records or supporting files left in future. What if the era which we are living in and boasting about disappears from history? The very thought of Digital Dark Age is scary. Just like the dark ages, imagine our innovations and recordings get lost in the vast sea of modernization. The World becomes a post-apocalyptic town without digital libraries where people living has no clue about the discoveries made by our generation. It's like everything we are doing now is just a futile attempt and very temporal and we have no clue whether our thoughts will be passed on to our grandchildren.

You have no clue whether the blogs you write today will be accessible in the long run. The very thought gives us goosebumps but there's always a hope and silver linings. Just like other formats, today's formats are destined to become obsolete one day. With the advancement of technology, we are molding our lifestyle. From newspapers to online blogs, from typewriter to computer, from paperback to e-Books the ever-changing technology is changing the face of humanity. Digital darkness, for now, is just a fear of getting lost somewhere but there are people around who are working on an open format like PDF/A to archive the work of our generation for future.

People are at work to prevent Digital Dark Age. Although we can't predict anything about the evolution of preserving the written words for future, we are still confident enough to make use of traditional and contemporary techniques to prevent the most dreaded Digital Dark Age. The impact of digitalization is somewhat making the world a melting point for knowledge sharing. Today our generation is having access to secret libraries and apps to conquer the world. I hope the future technologies will be much more accurate and exciting; however, we are a little bit apprehensive about the preservation of our digital diaries and works. Just like a post-apocalyptic situation, days after a digital dark age will be full of apprehensions. Scholars will try to recover the data created by us however the changing formats will give them hard times. It will be like starting everything afresh. With Digital Dark Age, the complete history is at stake. In order to preserve our stories, we have to think ahead of time. We have to take help of traditional methods to archive them if necessary.

Blogging is a crucial part of digital civilization as we are curating something new every day. From secret confessions to dating tips, from travel to fashion, almost everything is documented online hence the impact of Digital darkness on bloggers will be very high. Bloggers are writing for making the world an exciting place, which is also consequently serving as a huge database of our lifestyle for the future. If digital Dark Age is real, we are heading towards a dead end but fortunately, we are aware of it before the predicted devastation. We are prepared for it, therefore, we have no reasons to worry about it. Scientists around the world are working hard to showcase our generation to be the most advanced of all. We will be surely known as the most digitally empowered generation in days to come. From virtual reality to self-driven cars, from drones to cab booking apps, our generation is heavily influenced by the digital revolution.


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