Top 10 Reasons to Marry a Blogger

Blogger & Writer
After writing about dating a blogger to how good bloggers are in bed, it's time to let the world know about the qualities bloggers possess in satiating the whims and fancies of his/her partner. Bloggers are socially challenged but emotionally active, they are like Adam Raki from the movie Adam. They may feel awkward in a public gathering between voguish people but they are always on a hunt for an interesting story. People hardly understand their passion for writing about things that people don't relate to or read so much about. It's difficult to convince the non-bloggers about the benefits however things are now changing for good. Let's discuss the pros and cons of marrying a blogger.

1. Expressive: Bloggers are expressive and they love to describe every moment in their life with full zest. They are good with words hence they are loved by their partners. They are hardly distracted by normal life because they are big thinkers who discuss ideas not people however they can be extremely good gossip mongers and paparazzi. Not a great quality though yet sounds exciting!

2. Free Passes: Bloggers are mad people passionate about crazy things. From reviewing dating apps to writing about love and relationships, they are the ones whose opinion matters for customers looking for buying something online. They have the ability to spread good words about a product and a brand they care about. Bloggers do feel the responsibility to spread honest opinions about things they love. Hence, their partners don't have to worry about free passes that they receive in return.

3. Storytellers: Bloggers are good story tellers hence their partners do have a great guy/girl around them who can help them in spending the whole night in an abandoned waiting room without feeling bored.

4. Understanding: Bloggers understand how busy their partners are. They would write about their partner's struggle, they would write about how good he or she with their skills, hence the partners of bloggers are always envied by friends and family.

5. Critics: You don't have to worry about watching a great movie if you marry a blogger, movie reviews are at their fingertips hence you are destined to watch the best movies with them.

6. Travellers: Bloggers do love to travel and explore the world. They are basically free people who like to do extreme stuff. In their free times, they would take you to places you have never heard of. They are very good at breaking stereotypes.

7. Party animals: Most bloggers are party animals; they love to party a lot with selected bunch of people who understands their madness. Although they are socially not so active, they are often found in pubs and bistros.

8. Fantastico: They are fantastic people who will always praise you for your hard work. Sometimes they will also try to give some constructive comments but in reality all bloggers love innovation in any form.

9. Public Display of Affection: Too much PDA is expected from a blogger because they love to flaunt. They won't let you down in bringing happiness to your life by showering the best words on special occasions.

10. Hopeless Romantic: They live in an illusionary world and utopia is what they prefer. They won't settle for a normal relationship. They are usually appreciated by their partners for what they are.

In order to marry a blogger, you have to be prepare yourself to feel the roller-coaster ride. They are sensitive enough to read your mind and will always give you the best days of your life. Always be by their side because you are the selected one to be the partner of a blogger. It's not easy to live with a blogger but it's not that bad too. Embrace the new way of life, embrace their tantrums, give them little space and you are there flying among the angels in the city of dreams. I wrote this because most people think bloggers are narcissist and they are not so concerned about others at large. The fact is, they are always there for people whom they love and admire.  They are non-judgmental beings! Thank you for being my partner – These words always reverberates in a blogger’s mind because they know how different they are.


  1. Aha, I started blogging late else, would have heeded your advice

  2. well I married one... and life has been awesome eve since ;)
    Cheers, Archana -

  3. @swayam thanks for the appreciation.

    @Archana..That's amazing!

  4. WHat an interesting take on a blogger's life! Well written :)