The Valentine's Day Story!

Valentine's Day - The day when the colour of the sky turns red. The day dedicated to love, the day when you celebrate your relationship, you propose, you write love letters and buy gifts for your special someone. Valentine's Day is a beautiful occasion for lovers however there are lovelorn singles who feels completely lonely and disgusted on 14th Feb. For married couples, it's another day to celebrate and strengthen their bonds, for first time lovers, its heaven! Many love stories are born this day.

Valentine's Day is all about loving your soul mate deeply. As people say there's no particular day for love and you can express your feeling any day, which I completely agree but why not make our Valentine's Day memorable by visiting a special place somewhere away from the maddening crowd and spend some quality time with our soul mate. The world celebrates this day of love. Looking good during this day seems like a ritual for lovers. Wearing the best dress for this occasion enhances the power of attraction and smelling good makes your dates more engaging. Flowers, cards, candle light dinners, chocolates signifies the expression called love.

Amid the humdrum of busy city life and monotonous job, people find a date to celebrate love. There are many stories of broken relationships, during this day people usually remember the moments they spent with their ex partners, sometimes they smile remembering those moments but mostly it's full of pain. Valentine's Day not only refreshes your memories but also gives you day to start afresh. For singles, you needn't worry because you can celebrate this day with your friends as life seems to move on. For long distance lovers, Valentine's Day is a special day. There are no boundaries and distances in love. Your partner may be far from you but he/she can always be there with you over the phone. Mostly long distance lovers send cards, cakes and gifts to their partners. They share the exclusive unpacking selfies on Facebook and Instagram and chat live through Skype. Love is all about breaking boundaries and expressing your deepest desires to the person you admire.

Hotel rooms, restaurants, parks and abandoned forts become the safe refuge for lovers. College goers try to woo their crush by sending secret gifts. Uniqueness is key and most couples celebrate this day within their comfort zone and interests. It can be a movie, candle light dinner or a private moment in a hotel room, lovers surely know what to do and where to go during this day.  Create memories, spread love and celebrate Valentine’s Day in your own style. Let there be love everywhere, let the sky in your horizon turn red, let there be flowers and balloons in your corridor, let there be songs and poems floating around the galaxy, let's make this day memorable. Make this day a special one.

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