On Breaking Gender Roles: What If Indian Women Start Proposing Men on Leap Day?

Girl proposing a guy on Leap Day

Why it's only men when it comes to proposing? Why not women? Indian women are doing extremely well and they are in no way inferior than their male counterparts still when it comes to proposals, it’s only men who have go down their knees and propose for marriage and relationship. Indian women are equally expressive about their relationship now unlike yesteryears but they still need that approval from men to go ahead for making that decision for marriage. Will you marry me, the quintessential man goes down on his knees and presents that ring of desire and the girl approves or rejects the offer. This is a very common romantic situation. What if situations change and just like the age old European custom of women proposing men on Leap Day (i.e 29th Feb) become a reality in India?

 Some people may declare this custom as sheer non-sense but suppose people start celebrating this day just like the Valentine's Day. Will Leap Day lure the whims and fancies of lovebirds in India? Love is a peaceful and the most desired emotion but there is always a fear of rejection associated in this activity. There's too much of expectations involved in a relationship hence one should consider lucky if somebody proposes you to be his/her partner for life. Leap Day may open up enough opportunities for those women who are still unable to make their wedding plans due to non-proposal by their partners. It can be another day of excitement for men in India who may get the best surprise of their lifetime, a proposal from their crush. Celebrating Leap Day will also give Indian woman a chance to express their love.

The sale of rings for men will go up for sure. With the advent of social media, the PDA took a giant leap. Leap Day will be seen as another outlet for Indian women to announce their love by putting up proposal pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. On the other side, those lucky men will be envied the most by his friends for getting such proposals. Since, leap year comes once in 4 years, it will be a memorable day for both the partners and they can narrate the tale to their grandchildren if the relationship survives. But will it happen in India or Indian woman will still take the conventional route of waiting for the man to propose first.

Things are changing very fast and everything is becoming just a matter of convenience. Relationship is also based on convenience, that day is no far when Indian women will no more wait for someone to propose them, they will surely take the unconventional route of making the first move without the intervention of a third person. There are many instances of women proposing men in today's time but such stories are very rare. Only few lucky men are enjoying women attention while most of them are still chasing mirages and sulking on Valentine's Day. Leap Day will surely be taken up by Indian women slowly as they are equally confident now to take that position where men use to be in ancient years. There's no harm in this because if you don't make your decision now, you may lose that grand opportunity. Breaking gender roles and stereotypes is no crime as there are no rules in the game of love and relationship, it's the only thing empowered by the heart complimented by a sound mind. So, go ahead and let your love get that due recognition this Leap Day or else wait for 4 more years to get this chance again!


  1. lolz.. that way men will never forget the dates :P