Impact of Valentine's Day on Singles

Valentine's Day for Singles
Valentine's Day is probably the most dreaded day for Singles. They just want to skip this very day or hide somewhere in a cave to protect themselves from the PDA explosions taking place everywhere. From malls to restaurants, metro stations to abandoned forts, from Facebook to Instagram. There's open public display of affection. Valentine's day is considered to be the day for flaunting love however there are many people in this very own planet of ours still waiting or experiencing a breakup phase. For singles, Valentine's Day is like a funeral day. They keep gazing at computer screen or wait for someone to call them and wish but there's no missed call or whatsapp messages waiting in their inbox, which increases the paranoia. Facebook timelines get filled with check-ins, selfies and gifts. They keep liking and gazing and waiting and finally buys a bottle of wine from the nearest wine shop and celebrates V- day in gloom. It's not an easy day for singles however there's always a silver lining. Singles too have advantages which they may not realize.

There's nothing to be jealous or angry about others because nothing is permanent in life. Today you may be single and free but you may not stay like this forever. You are destined to get a suitable partner and get hitched hence it's your time to enjoy your space with full freedom. You are free to flirt with anyone without feeling that guilt which committed ones go through. Take Valentine's Day in the right spirit and instead of whining about not having someone special, go out and party with friends. This Valentine's day, just don't stare at your computer screen. The anti-Valentine's day club is much stronger and active during this day and they try to share jokes about the committed ones. The war between the singles and committed starts but in reality both these groups envy each other in some form or another.

The advent of Valentine's Day - the day of love is not only about loving your partner but also showing your love for the people you love hence the singles can go ahead and wish each and everyone without guilt. Enjoying singlehood is sometimes better. Being single gives you freedom to invest a lot of money on yourself. You have your own personal space and you don't have to worry about keeping your house clean. This Valentine's day, you may still doing your regular job but you should take out sometime to do that very thing that you love most and that can be anything. From listening to your favorite music to enjoying your favorite movie, you have the liberty and power.  It's advisable not to look at others and cry rather it's advisable to do something that others desire. Valentine's Day is just one day in the entire year that makes you feel the need to have a partner but if you take it as any other day, you won't suffer.

There are millions of singles around the world who will be feeling the same but there are those winners who actually make use of this day to do productive and entertaining that couples can't even think of. There are thousands of unmarried people doing extremely well in their life without ever complaining about their needs to find a partner hence being single this Valentine's Day is no big deal. Few options for singles for making their valentine's day special includes a nice therapy at a spa, attending a speed dating session, watching a horror movie, going for a single meet up party etc. Making use of this day in a positive way can make singles shine. It's only about a day and singles will do everything to make it memorable. This Valentine's day, do something that will make you happy rather than thinking about not having a valentine. I think it's perfectly fine to stay single and free.

Wish you a Happy Valentine's Day in advance!


  1. Stay single and free .. i support this line .. well written .. keep it up

  2. Happily Single and not ready to mingle :D ..A Perfect read for all the singles! :)

  3. Thank you Megharana :-)