Impact of Unrequited Love and the Birth of a Pickup Artist

Anonymous Pick Up Artist
He went for a solo ride on Valentine's Day. He was mocked by his friends for not having a girlfriend, he was traumatized by his relatives for not having a wife, he was tortured every day. Being single became a curse for him. He was often reminded about his single status among his friends group. The amount of loneliness in his galaxy was above any other average guy. He tried to hit the gym to get six pack abs, tried to join language classes to find his partner, went to weddings for getting a date but he failed miserably in all his attempts. His bought SLR and took up fashion photography but nothing really worked for him. Girls stayed miles away from him and the ones who are close, often friend zoned him. There was a rising frustration in his kingdom. He was unable to face the ruthless Facebook timeline on every Valentine's Day. The PDAs destroyed his self esteem; he became a shadow in the crowded subways and busy bistros. In search of love, he travelled miles but everyone used him like a toy. Whenever he approached a girl, he was either brozoned or friendzoned. Everyone took advantage of his singledom. 

He couldn't find out the reason for getting rejected. May be he was ugly as he was not sure how he looked. In most of his free times, he tried to improve himself but nothing worked for him as he could see all his friends moving ahead in the relationship game. He concentrated a lot in his career and got a good job but still no luck. Nothing really worked for him. Finally, his parents helped him to find a partner but unfortunately she also rejects him. The height of desperation increased so much that he even thought of leaving the country. Are you still single? The question started haunting him so badly that even dead people started mocking him. He was depressed and paranoid but never lost his hope of finding a partner. He started visiting brothels and watched adult videos to suppress his hunger. He started hating love and became a lust worshipper. He started taking part in underground communities to learn the art of seduction; he visited online dating sites for getting date and approached random girls in metro stations. He failed miserably in all his attempts.

The impact of rejection was so high in his life that he had not guts left to talk to any girl and then he met Joe - the self proclaimed dating couch and the most desired pick up artist. Joe motivated him and gave him quick lessons to attract a girl. He followed his footsteps and eureka - that's a match! His tips clicked, he found a girl who somehow said yes. After 3-4 dates, they made love but their relationship broke after few days. He tried again to woo someone much older than him and succeeded. Things became rosy for him as he started going on serial dates. Now Peter is a dating couch, yes his name is Peter. Peter is one of the successful pickup artists in India. But how Peter turned so desirable overnight? What's the secret potion he drank or what seduction lesson Joe gave him? Everyone wanted to know but Peter never disclosed them the secrets of his upheaval from a loser to a charmer. Today Peter is no more watching movies alone, he is no more running behind shadows. He is having partners, a lot of them. After Peter met Joe, Peter actually stopped trying hard. He started finding his true self, he started looking around the positivity, he stopped acting like someone else. He actually started living his own life. Peter was a good writer and he followed his dream. His book became a bestseller and now Peter is not lonely. He is having admirers and followers, and yes his partner cuddling him all night long. Peter is no pick-up artist but a fictional character born out of rejection and humiliation. 


  1. Rejection is a good motivator of art.

  2. It's really crazy... What rejection can do to a person!

    Cheers, Archana -

  3. True, rejection came as a blessing in disguise for him.

  4. Be strong at hard times which could prepare you for any difficult situation. Good one and a nice picture.

  5. True That! Thanks :-)