The Rise of Online Dating in India

Well! Online dating is the new playground for people who want to explore love and lust. The new age man/woman has very less time to attend weddings, festivals, family get-together unlike yesteryears hence the presence of Internet plays a very crucial role in finding the most suitable date for them. Finding a match, going on a date this Valentine’s Day may not be a problem for people who know the art of online dating. There are many such people on Earth who finds it difficult to interact with the opposite gender in real life while virtually they are extremely flamboyant. For them, online dating is a blessing.

They can easily choose the most suitable partner based on their profile pictures, preferences and other details already mentioned in their profiles. Facebook and Whatsapp for sure play a cupid. Unlike yesteryears, when online dating websites were touted as fake and unsafe, the rise of portals like Tinder, and quack etc. gave singles a second chance to find a perfect date and potential companion. Life is easier now for people who are smart enough to get the best from dating sites including Facebook.

After the first round of finding someone online, generally, people hesitate to meet his/her partner in real life until and unless they both remain transparent during their online conversation. So the first rule is - be true to your future date otherwise you can be in danger. Most people put their best display picture on social media profiles to attract others however it's advisable to put your real picture for making your online date successful. Online dating is very much mainstream activity nowadays because the new generation is so much busy exploring other stuff. They have very less time to attend functions or other social activities. According to a survey, Independent women prefer online dating sites over arranged marriages for finding their future partner.

Impact of online dating on Indian young adults is huge due to the presence of the Internet. Everyone is busy chatting on Whatsapp or checking notifications on Facebook hence online dating is no alien phenomena. With every power, there comes a curse hence it’s advisable to make friends carefully on these platforms. Online dating is surely the next big thing. It’s addictive, it’s blissful and surely it adds a bit of joy to your monotonous life.

Online dating sites basically target people who are single and searching but many such sites aren’t free. Paid sites actually arrange meets and do other stuff. In order to choose the best online dating site, you should do a background check by reading reviews about the site. There are many sites that try to dupe people by claiming unrealistic things. It’s always advisable to stay where your friends are. Facebook surely is the best place to find your soul mate. Life is full of opportunities and you never know, who is waiting for your smile this Valentine’s day, if you are single and ready to mingle, go ahead and find your date online. If you are already committed or married, take your partner out and if you want to stay solo, go do some bungee jumping!