Impact of Butts Breaking The Internet

Kim Kardashian's Butt
Every men are crazy is about well rounded female butts. It's one of the greatest assets a woman can flaunt. The power of well shaped bottom is immense. Recently we have seen Kim Kardashian's extremely beautiful butt broke the Internet, which proves how crazy men are to take a glimpse of the most delightful thing on earth. A woman with toned and nicely shaped backside looks good in every outfit. It can be Indian wear or western outfit, a woman with butt needs no pretty face to attract man from any age group. It's a butt crazy world for sure because every time you see a girl with gorgeous backside, your heads automatically turn. It's very natural thing among men in India. A well toned butt makes you fantasize. It also enhances your foreplay sessions. Women in India are born with divine curves. Well, talking about Indian curves may sound vulgar but the fact is everyone in their dreams, want to date a girl who flaunts a beautifully crafted butt.

It's one of the most attractive features in woman’s body that men generally look for while choosing his or her prospective partner. Butt pictures are breaking the Internet because it's the most desired part of women's body that men want to see. Most women are hitting the gym, running in the neighborhood park, wearing tight jeans for accentuating their curves. They love to flaunt them in weddings, clubs and everywhere where men gather. Attaining a well toned butt is what woman craves for. Unlike yesteryears, things are changing for good. Woman in India know how to dress and that subtle fashion of revealing their assets with grace is what make them the most desirable creation on Earth.

Gone are the days of skinny tall models, it's time for curves and well rounded butts. Slim girls without curves look good in pictures but voluptuous women reside in the minds of Indian men. Some people may say it's those pair of eyes, some may say it's those long legs, some may say it's the purity of soul but the fact is, in the law of attraction the impact of butt is more than all other features of a woman's body and soul. I am not objectifying or trying to prove a point, I am just highlighting the deepest fantasies of Indian men. Gone are the days of cleavage fixation, it's only all about butts now. Different butt shapes include Square, Heart/Pear, Inverted and Round and it's the round half moon like butts and pear-shaped ones attract men the most. Heath wise, butt fat is harmless hence there's no reason girls for shedding them. If you are still at the age of selfie, you must be running late because new age men love bathroom belfie which meanwhile breaking Instagram and Tinder in a big way. These are only my observations; I hope you must be having your own perspective. Do let me know.

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