Are Bloggers Good in Bed?

Bloggers in Bed
The evolution of mankind is producing newer human species; the impact of technology is so huge that human beings are no more same. The classification is based on their way of thinking and the ability to act towards a situation. From Gamers to Bikers, from Entrepreneurs to Dating Couches, from Motivational Gurus to Bloggers - Human beings are now known from their new age interest and passion. They are shaped accordingly and every new category of people has unique powers, I would called the modern super powers to make a difference and change the world with unexpected gift from technology and inheritance. Blogging, a fresh genre of writing which started few years back is now a way of life for many people. Blogging gave them those wings to fly in the undeciphered horizon which was earlier frequented by only selected media people from the mainstream newspapers and television. Blogging is no more a pastime; it's a serious activity happening round the globe. From micro-blogging to traditional blogging, Internet became a melting pot of ideas, entertainment, love and lust and therefore the bloggers are now a selected bunch of people with enormous hidden powers. From online journal to mainstream mouthpiece, blogging is no more a loner's paradise hence the importance of bloggers is no less in the digitally empowered world. 

After introducing and glorifying the blogging community, it's time to tell you the true facts of bloggers and their performance in bed. Bloggers are people who constantly search for new ideas for production of epic content. They are always on a hunt for deciphering the small nuances of life to showcase before the world. They love admiration coming in any form but how good they are in reality is the question. They may sound extremely fashionable in the virtual world but in reality they may not be that gorgeous. They are people who think a lot which makes them hopeless intellectuals trying to make a point on every topic. Well, these are few thoughts that the outside world thinks about bloggers at large but the reality is completely different.

Bloggers are passionate beings and they are extremely good at what they do. Due to their extremely busy life of thinking and curating, they are not distracted by superficial things which eventually enhance their reservoirs for passion. They know how to act and satisfy their partner and the experience comes from the variety of reading and writing work they do daily. They can create magic in bed with unconventional methods. The element of surprise plays a major role in a blogger's life hence they practice that unpredictability in bed with their partners. Lasting long is just like writing long write-ups without a pause and bloggers are experts in taking the journey towards a satisfying climax. Bloggers practice fantasies hence the impact they create on their partners last for a long time. Bloggers are not just good bed, they are extremely brilliant. They may start slow but they know how to end it with panache. Due to too much reading and thinking, bloggers are naturally fond of partners who equally reciprocate and give them the most memorable experience but they don't expect much because performances may differ due to various factors but enjoying the moment is what makes it unforgettable. Next time you date a blogger, don't say anything, just feel the ecstasy and create memories for lifetime.

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