Vampires and Zombies

Everyone is so fascinated by vampires, the pale creature with unlimited powers like flying, premonition and immortality. They are glorified in movies and books, some of the best looking men like Robert Pattinson (The Twilight Saga), Brad Pitt (Interview with the Vampire), Tom Cruise (Interview with the Vampire), Nicolas Cage (Vampire's Kiss), Tom Hiddleston (Only Lovers Left Alive) and Luke Evans (Dracula Untold) are depicted as vampires. They are fantastic however the zombies look pathetic. They are ugly, without feelings, inhuman, badly shaped creatures. Zombies are the new age monsters, and many scientists predicted them to come into existence after an apocalypse.

While vampires hog the limelight, zombies are always hated. Nobody wants to be a zombie; they are a part of a dystopian society. They are no part of a fairytale. They are often looked down upon by the society. The existence of vampires and zombies are still questioned, however cannibalism is still prevalent in some parts of the world. Vampires are tempted by human blood while zombies love human flesh. Both are equally dangerous but the magical powers of vampires make them look more charming. Zombies are afraid of fire and while vampires couldn’t afford to stand against the sun. Vampires are moonlight charmers.  

In an era where we talk about artificial intelligence, talking about vampires and zombies make you so dated however the fiction associated with these creatures tempts me to write, read and explore about them. They excite me to decipher the dark world that exists beyond the realm of our reality. The mutation, the other world, the underground lifestyle makes me wonder about the gothic world. The unheard voices, the unseen shadows make me think about the alternate/parallel world that functions equally.

Only few things about the planet are known so far, we are still to find out more and between the known and the unknown, there are many things that will always make us think. The existence of vampires and zombies in the modern world can be possible, there can be a breed of half human half animal that has magical powers but they are still not exposed to the brighter world. They are still hiding between the walls, below earth or may be struggling to find an identity amid the so-called intelligent humans. They are living in the dungeons, abandoned parts where humans can’t enter. Vampires and zombies may be a part of fiction however they exist in different forms. If you can’t believe their existence then you have no right to ignore their existence also. They are alive in the minds of many teenagers, many archeologists, many historians and many novelists. If you are equally interested to explore the other world – the sunless kingdom, the post-apocalyptic situation, the fantastic world where utopia and dystopia meets, keep the thirst for the unnatural on, let your hunger navigate easily through unseen corridors of an extended life often known as The Dark World. 


  1. Since the time I read Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' in my childhood, vampires have been in my imagination... thanks for making such a post exclusively on them... :-D enjoyed it...

  2. Thank you Maniparna!