Megadeth in Shillong - Megadeth Live at NH7 Weekender 2015 in Shillong

Megadeth Performing Live at NH7 Weekender Shillong

Megadeth in Shillong

This was probably the most awaited music festival of my life. There was no reason to miss it as it was happening in the rock capital of India - Shillong, only a few hours’ drive from my hometown Guwahati. I decided to take a break from the fast city life of Delhi to unwind amid the hills. Shillong already declared as the coolest place for music festivals because of its awesome crowd and supportive Govt. is also a great tourist destination.

NH7 Weekender 2015 Venue

Big names like Megadeth, The Wailers, Kailasha, Papon, The Raghu Dixit Project, Nucleya thrilled me so much that I kept dreaming about the concert from the very first day NH7 made the declaration. Shillong, my favorite place since childhood always captivated me by its perpetual rainfall, soothing breeze and beautiful roads. The moment you enter Shillong, you feel like entering heaven, the complete atmosphere around you changes. Music and nature sound like the most appropriate combination to attain nirvana. Almost all my friends from Guwahati and other neighboring states were there. People from different parts of India came to attend the happiest music festival.

Super Excited Crowd at NH7 Weekender 2015

The journey from Guwahati to the event venue Bhoirymbong near Shillong was among the most stunning location I have seen for any concert happening in India. The place was surrounded by lush green hills. The first sight of the venue gave me goosebumps. That awesome feeling when you enter the concert arena is somewhat unforgettable. Oh boy, you are finally here. Attending Bacardi NH7 Weekender to see the Gods of Rock Megadeth performing was a dream come true experience for me.

Everything just looked so dreamy around the venue that I couldn't express. Fashionable music lovers from every age group were there to witness the biggest music festival happening in the North Eastern part of India. All my brothers, cousins and friends were there. We drank Bacardi and screamed like monsters in excitement the moment we saw our gods Megadeth on stage. I couldn't believe, we were standing on the front row and witnessing them. It was cold outside but the crowd was all heated up. The fire and passion of rock lovers were seen headbanging. Moshpit and all sorts of things happening around. There was so much peace all around.

I won't forget this event for life as this was my first big rock concert. Now I can proudly say, I was there. That was the line I always wanted to flaunt. Yes, I found my moksha amid the greenery and music, I saw heaven on earth, I had my share of happiness. The memories of this festival won't fade away for life. My weekender experience surely falls into the category of the kind of memories which you want to share with your grandchildren, the kind of stories you want to pass on to the next generation!

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