Life without Music

Life without music is mundane, solitary and ordinary. Music inspires you to write, it adds colour to your black and white existence, it acts like a potion for reincarnating your lost passion, it gives those wings of desire. A perfect playlist is important to discard the boredom that arises from stagnant traffic and loneliness. It nourishes your clogged heart; it gives you a reason to move ahead. It makes you feel good. It’s an integral part of your reality. Sounds that make the noise disappear, melodies that transport you to a Neverland, music is therapy for a broken soul, it’s a something that can’t be ignored.

Just like watching a movie, reading an interesting book, having your favorite wine, listening to your kind of music gives you that much need high. You need no hemlock; you need no one around when you have your music running in the background. Imagine you entering a pub without music, driving through long roads without a music system in your car, having candle light dinner with your better half without symphonies in the backdrop, writing poems without Pink Floyd. Imagine life without rock concerts, music festivals, movies without sounds, it’s no life without music and we have to respect the moving sounds created by the masters. Humanity needs music, just like engineering and medicine, Music works for perfecting the living standards of human beings. Exploring music from every genre gives me immense satisfaction. From Rock music to soul stirring symphonies of Beethovan, from the sounds of violin to guitars, from pianos to saxophone, music in any form is beautiful. It’s a tool for peace and harmony; it’s a way to express your inner aspiration.


There are music from your childhood, there are music from your teenage, there are music from your adulthood, music is not temporal, memories are associated with them, you remember incidents when you play those songs, you are transported to your past, it’s no less than a time machine. Usually music you listen to repeatedly while travelling becomes a part of you, your mind captures those chords and presents them again when you listen to the same music after years. Flashbacks!

People discuss music in re-unions; people play them in events like marriage, music also connects people from different parts of the world. There’s no language barrier, no discrimination, every composition has a history of its own. From the sweet symphonies from the hills to underground rap, every genre has a story, some pain and some experience. Art is incomplete without that perfect sonata. Good music is something that you can relate to and it keeps changing. It depends upon the place, your state of mind and your companion. Music is an open art form there’s no ending to it. Time will change but the freshness won’t die, every generation will have their own share of musical experience. Music will transform with humanity and humanity will embrace the newness with open arms.

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