Impact of Oscar Winning Movies and Meaningful Cinema

Meaningful movies are still considered less entertaining to mass. Oscar winning movies generally tempts the Gold class, the elite group of movie buffs. Only intellectual types invest time watching these award winning movies but are they really so boring? I guess no. These movies highlight the unseen issues happening around the world, these films are original and deals with subjects that need to be treated and reformed.  From Aliens to Pedophilia, from Poverty to Biopics, from Survival Stories to Eternal Romance, from Notoriety to Sanity, Academy winning movies exude class. They are thought provoking movies that you would like to carry home after watching the movie in theatres. Lately, I found a channel called MN+, which showcases the movies I love most, the silent types, those having great aesthetics, those showing historical events, the biopics, the stories of survival etc.

 Movies like Little Children that deals with Pedophilia and Extra Marital affair, The Grand Budapest Hotel that showcases mind blowing visuals, The Wolf of Wall Street that rediscover aspirations, Gone Girl – A Psychological thriller, Gravity – Story about survival, The Pianist – a historical drama, The Great Gatsby that tells a riveting tale of man to conquer his love with wealth, Gravity – tale of survival, Django Unchained – a cult classic about slavery, Inception – about dreams, The Social Network – about friendship and entrepreneurship, Avatar – a VFX delight, Inglourious Basterds tells you a quirky story Hitler and other underground troops, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – an exciting age reversing drama, Slumdog Millionaire – about hope, The Dark Knight – comic book wonder, Milk – about LGBT rights, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – another psychological drama, The Lord of the Rings – an epic movie, Titanic – eternal romance, Braveheart – inspiration and leadership, Forrest Gump – ambition and consistency, Schindler's List – about help, Scent of a Woman – the perfect Al Pacino movie, The Godfather – My all time favorite mafia movie and the list goes on.

Oscar winning films deserves to be watched again and again because these movies not only entertains you but also makes you think a lot. The best part comes after watching these movies when you try to dig into the plot and characters by browsing Wikipedia and IMDB. Most of them are adaptations and based on true events. Meaningful cinema may not attract the public but definitely they need to be watched to know about things that’s happening within your society silently. The impact of meaningful cinema on society is huge because they are played by powerful characters and directed by powerhouse directors.  An award just makes it visible to a greater mass; recognition also tempts those who usually prefer to see mindless movies. Self improvement is possible by watching such movies; they are entertaining, full of flesh and surely memorable. For me, these films just make happy!

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