Impact of Horror Stories and Urban Legends

Fear! An extreme emotion that could make you shiver in a hot and humid day. That unpredicted encounter with a shadow that transforms into a monster can make you scream. The moving chair, the silent whispers, the unfriendly air, the abandoned castle, the newly built neighborhood and the lonely highways always make you feel chased. You feel like being stalked and you often remember those horror stories when you are alone. Horror stories have great influence in our lives. There are many tales about abandoned haunted towns like Bhangarh in India, where entry is prohibited after dusk and before dawn. Still, people love to visit Bhangarh to see the paranormal presence and hear the echoing voices coming from the woods. There are stories about highways where people still ask for lifts and disappears after killing you.

There are movies like Final Destination that makes you feel insecure in the most secure environment. Ghost, monsters, unseen forces and uncanny voices are few elements of horror. The reality is full of mundane kinds of stuff but amid a regular life, there can be a parallel world that you can't see. Those dark forces may not intrude on your peace but you can't ignore them. You will hardly feel anything in the daytime when you are surrounded by people, you may not feel the dark powers sitting in a restaurant but the fear still persists when you are all alone in a newly built apartment or while driving solo through an infamous highway.

Urban horror stories may not have vampires, demons, and shadow people but surely there are crisis apparitions when you encounter someone known who died recently. Exorcism is something which is still practiced for evicting demons from the human body. Tales of vengeful ghosts still looking for their perpetrators are prevalent in crowded city life. There are various urban legends associated with places often frequented by people daily. These stories deeply influence our lives. The horror stories are very enjoyable to read because there are elements of unpredictability and shock associated with them.

Horror fiction is something which writers crave to write, filmmakers still exploring the genre in various different ways. There are paranormal societies discovering the unseen but are you still convinced of the existence of ghosts? I guess no. Generally, human mind only believes in things that they see hence people still don't consider the existence of paranormal beings. Telling horror stories about a place or a recent ghostly encounter may be ridiculed by the mass still there is a great impact of horror stories in everyone's life. The damaged has been done and people can't run away from the emotion of fear that has been generated from these stories. Do you believe in Ghosts? If yes, do reply.

Image Credit: Luuk De Kok