What is Arthouse Blogging?

The word arthouse may be only related to the cinema but I take the liberty here to connect the word with Blogging. The rise of blogging in India brought many super bloggers into existence. There are many bloggers earning fame from their words, earning money and buying expensive stuff with the power of their words but most bloggers often get lost in the sea of changing trends and likes of the mass. The pop culture often disregards experimental and meaningful blogs because they hold no entertainment value for them. Most poetry and photography blogs bite the dust because they have nothing for the mass.

They are useless for the advertisers because they have a very limited audience. Arthouse blogging is just like art films, arthouse bloggers don't generally write for the mass, they have no intention to earn from their blogs, they are often lonely. These experimental bloggers have few visitors and eventually, their blogs die. Bloggers writing for satisfying their inner itch to create something new are often discarded by the society at large. They glorify social realism, sometimes they try to write about things that nobody actually cares about like My Old Diary, The Poor Poet, Darkness and all types of inner traumas, they whine about the ruthless world, their lost passion, their break up stories, their philosophies to change the world.

These blogs are meaningful but are they tempting enough to click and share, I guess no. Arthouse blogging is like talking to yourself but soon it will take up a new momentum of its own. It's not about the trend but writing something that you are totally passionate about is what people expect you to read. Something new, something original and not just repeating the clich├ęs and generating clicks for your blogs. The experimental bloggers are lazy writers, they only blog about things they care about, they are very hard to please and eventually, they are nowhere. It's not their time as people don't read blogs until and unless it's interesting. People won't read yours if you don't tell them a new story but an arthouse blogger won't care about this. They are the ones who will write meaningful stuff which may not hold meaning for you though.

Well, this can be the story of your blog too but I would like to read such blogs, not those popular ones but those blogs that write about stuff I care about, the blogs that make me laugh, cry and think. Just like the arthouse movies those blogs are unique in their own rights. It’s hard to find meaningful blogs but when I find one, I do bookmark it. I go through them, it makes me feel better. It makes me feel accomplished because, through blogging, I have extended the boundaries of my imagination. I don’t know how much I love such arthouse blogs; I seriously love the people behind them.

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