Curvy Indian Women - Why Most Men Love Curvy Women?

Indian women - known for their curvy bosom and well-shaped backs needs to be appreciated. According to stats, most men love curvy India women. Gone are the days when skinny women were considered to be the symbol of conventional beauty. Our ancestors were fond of curves and so we are. Nobody wants to date a model with zero size stature. Skinny and slim girls no matter looks good in fashion magazines however in every man's mind, there's always a curvy woman. Curvy Indian women can generate fantasies, they are extremely good in bed and you have enough reasons to start foreplay. The delusion created by fashion houses that only skinny, tall and slim girls can walk on the ramp and represents real beauty is sheer hypocrisy.

Indian women are curvaceous and their curves exude that bit of thunder among men. Curvy women epitomize Indian beauty and we are not competing or following the other world who thinks being skinny with nothing to flaunt is beautiful. God created women for flaunting their curves but humanity is trying to showcase women without them in movies and fashion shows, which is actually defeating the whole purpose of being a woman. You may disagree with my thoughts but I have seen women trying to be like those skinny models because the media houses love them, they are trying to hit the gym to attain the perfect figure, they are doing surgeries to discard fat, I won't say that's bad but why they are doing it. Men love women with great curves, not those skinny types.

Plus size woman looks extremely lovely but most women may not agree with me. They want to slim down, be like those conventional bikini types. In India, the hourglass types are very common but most women don’t recognize it. They think, being healthy and full of flesh is unappealing. True appeal lies in those curves; they look great in saree as well in trousers and jeans.  Indian beauty, unlike the westerners, has the most preferred features, they are divinely shaped. A little bit of fat won’t make a woman unattractive, they look just fine. A curvaceous woman is a blessing to humanity because she could exude so much fantasy in a man’s mind.

There’s no harm if you stay fit but please don’t try hard to replicate those so-called onscreen divas. Beauty is everywhere; you just need to acknowledge them. Craving for a perfect body is fine but copying someone and trying to be someone else is seriously a crime. God created women to flaunt their assets not to reduce them to half with nothing to exhibit. Indian women, however, have that gift from birth. They are full of those divine curves. There’s too much to explore. From head to toe, Indian women epitomize exquisiteness. They are goddesses hence don’t try to be like the others. Everyone is unique and being curvy is just fine.

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