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India – one of the most active nations in blogging definitely has some of the most powerful blogs. There is a huge rise in the blogging scene. From an online personal diary to world changing ideas and opinions, blogs came up it a huge way. Thousands of new bloggers are trying to leave their mark by publishing viral content. Information, entertainment, product promotion, experiences and connection, blogging is the best thing to showcase your life to the world. The rise of blogging is synonymous to the rise of humanity but writing alone won’t take you anywhere if you have no audience who understands you. There’s no use of writing stuff if you have no readers. There’s no use of Search Engine Optimization, if you are only churning out content for machines. In order to reach out to people around the globe, you have to have a strong community to support you, to promote you and make your blog posts visible to the greater world.

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Social Networks do give you exposure but if you are not a part of a likeminded community, you are nowhere. You are just lonely, just like your blog that gets no visits. Getting the right audience not only inspires you to write but also enhances your capability to write more. Bloggers are greedy for comments, they want to know how good or bad they write, how well they transform their imaginations into reality, how well they manage to survive in the ruthless world. Their resilience, their experiences, their opinions about things that they care about needs to be heard and heard by the right audience and that is when comes into picture. is the largest blogging community in the world for Indian bloggers.

 If you are not there, you are definitely no blogger because you are not doing the right thing. I have seen many writers are unaware about this community. I recommend every Indian blogger to join this community to make it big in the blogging world. The engagement in Indiblogger is tremendously huge and we are glad to have such a strong community. There are extremely heavyweight bloggers in this community. From lifestyle to technology, from poetry to gadgets, from relationships to madness almost all types of content available in this community and the best thing about Indiblogger is they initiate ideas and conduct contests and ranks every blogger for inspiration and growth.
Writing is an underpaid profession but through Indiblogger, you will get so much exposure that your every word will mint money. You will be hired by companies, get proposals to attend events, write reviews and finally get paid for all the hard work and sleepless nights. There’s always a dearth of fresh content on the web and blogging is something that fulfills this. Without your content, even big companies will fail to perform hence it’s time to be the rising star and take the first mover advantage by joining the biggest community of Indian bloggers – The IndibloggerNetwork. If you are not there, you are nowhere.


  1. well it seems I am blogger then :) because i am on ..

    Wishing you and family and everyone around you a very happy new year.. May all that you have dreamed comes true.. have a fantabulous New year


  2. Yes Bikram, you are. Thank you and wish you the same. God bless!