Life after Social Network

Few years ago, before the advent of social networking platforms like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, GooglePlus etc. life was different for most of us. We were in touch with people whom we see daily, our family members and few friends. We were almost forgotten by many. Every individual survived and prospered and only few people knew what is happening to their lives. Life was good, we never felt the need to connect but suddenly a wind of change arrived in everyone's life.

Social Networking platforms, which completely changed our non-existence into something which no one have ever imagined. It was like a strong force that made a boy find his long lost childhood friend whose memories almost faded. Almost everyone from the faded past came into existence and he became visible again to the world in his own little circle. The change is so effective that almost everyone wanted to be a part of this. Sharing your happiness with friends and family became a way of life. From your academic achievements to getting married, from birth of a new baby to getting drunk with friends, from a breakup to a new relationship, every emotion became shareable and life completely seem connected.

It became an introvert's paradise and an extrovert's playground to share his life with people he cares about. Many relationships were made with the advent of Social Networking platforms. People became addicted, they became obsessed and some became almost famous. The level of transparency rose high and the amount of loneliness almost faded into oblivion. You experience various crisis in your life and suddenly you feel disgusted and want to escape from everybody that's when you deactivate your profiles but human by nature is a social animal, you can't live without people around hence you are back again to the world.

Staying connected is always healthy and getting approvals from your friends and family makes you a better person. Now you don't have to think because there are people around you to help and they are genuinely interested in your life. There are too many benefits of this connection but as we all know there's always a darker side to everything. The amount of jealousy, greed, lust etc. may spoil your virgin mind. The competition may give you sleepless nights; not getting enough approvals from friends may dishearten you that may affect your real life. Although, these things are purely humane, the rise of social networks may also ignite your passion to explore newer boundaries.

Before Social Networks, there were real life networks which was limited but now the amount of opportunities are so very high that anybody can succeed if he wants to. There are so much knowledge sharing happening online that you don't actually need to visit a library. There so much fun happening online that you actually don't have to go outside. Apart from all these, social networks actually enhances your real life. It maximizes your chances to get involved in something. It makes your life beautiful. I don't know how many people will agree with my post but I think amid your monotonous life, social networks come as a breeze of fresh air.

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  1. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Well written! I like the brighter side of social networks.