Killing the poison, slowly.

She sat in the Starbucks cafe, sipping her coffee and staring out of the window. The blood stained knife lay next to her handbag, covered with her blue silk scarf. ..

Hi, may I sit next here, Kunal – young guy in his 30s takes permission and Malini says yes. It’s too crowded here today, says Kunal but Malini refuse to answer him back. Malini takes her belongings and walks out of the café in disgust. She seems lost and paranoid for some reason. Kunal resumes his coffee break.

Next moment, few guys enter and enquire about Malini. They take Kunal along to a secluded area. Surprisingly, Kunal didn’t utter a word when those guys took him. He was very relaxed and after few hours Kunal was murdered by those guys. His body was found near Caspian Street the same day.
Next day, Malini again comes to Starbucks for coffee. She sat in the Starbucks cafe, sipping her coffee and staring out of the window. The blood stained knife lay next to her handbag, covered with her green silk scarf. She was really happy that day unlike other day. She always took her laptop along but that day she was scribbling something on her notepad. Suddenly, a blast!!!

Everything was destroyed around her but Malini sat unperturbed. There was blood everywhere, voices of crying babies and adults screaming were heard from long distance. It was a total catastrophe. Malini slowly walked away with a smile in her face. She began to take large steps; she disappeared amid the smoke within no time.

Breaking News: The State of Caspian was destroyed. Around 10 thousand people lost their lives and more than 20 thousand more injured and rest missing. The city turned into a ghost town and help from different countries started coming in. After 7 days, Malini was found dead near Caspian Street.
After few months, someone from other part of the world entered the destroyed Caspian State. He is Vikhsh, a scientist by profession and a writer by heart. Investigation begins and within no time the real cause of destruction was deciphered. It was done by the king of Dosen to conquer princely state. The particles used in the blast were only found in Dosen. Vikhsh suddenly became the national hero and started to gain a huge fan following Twitter.

One fine day Kunal appeared in front of Vikhsh in a crowded coffee shop. He was the same guy who was murdered in the Caspian Street. Vikhsh was astonished to see him. How come you are still alive? – Vikhsh asks Kunal. Kunal only answers, it’s too crowded here today. Vikhsh takes his belongings and walks out of the café in disgust. He seems lost and paranoid for some reason. Kunal resumes his coffee break. Few guys arrives and takes Kunal along and next day he was found dead again in the Dosen Street.  Another blast rocked the state of Dosen. Nobody survived. Within few years, the total human population was dead and gone. Kunal masterminded the serial blasts, Malini was his partner in crime and Vikhsh actually was secret agent. Malini always carried a bloodstained knife to motivate herself for killing people. The movie ends. Caspian’s Traitors become the worst movie of the year.
The director after spending so much in making this disaster movie flew away to France for rehabilitation and the actors just got dumped from all the TV commercials. It was a major disaster. Vivian then meets Ghosal one day and discusses his idea to meet the next blockbuster. Ghosal seriously laughed it off as he knows Vivian is nothing but a mindless guy, who thinks making disaster movies with no stories will work for the general masses of India. Ghosal tells him to take a break and return back to India. Vivian with a broken heart returns back to his country and start a Youtube channel - A loser’s diary. Even losers hated his videos because it had no content. It just had songs and dance. Within one year, Vivian deletes his Youtube channel and takes a client servicing job in a small ad agency. He fails there to perform and loses all hope of surviving and thinks of ending his life. He searches for the easiest techniques to kill himself. Eureka! He finds one. It’s starvation. He locks himself up and starts his starving sessions.  After 3 days of starvation, Vivian finally decides to end this and start a new life. He starts writing his own story-The story of his struggle, failure and how he failed to conquer them. He started interacting with people, slowly the recovery happened. Vivian took up meditation for good. Vivian continued to write about his day to day experiences. It acted like a healing therapy for him.

After few years, Vivian meets Ghosal again in India. By this time, Ghosal is renowned filmmaker.  He already gave the film industry 3 hits in a row. How are you Vivian?  Ghosal asks. Vivian softly replies – Just Fine. Are you still aspiring to become a film maker? Vivian just walks away without uttering a word. Ghosal thinks Vivian is finished.

Vivian continues to write, slowly his writing improves. His starts creating real characters unlike superficial ones like Malini, Kunal and Vikhsh. He gives them a soul and tries to reincarnate them again for his next story. Actually, he starts writing about people he knows and admires like Ghosal. Ghosal once told him to feel the characters and their pain instead for creating a pain for the audience. Vivian, while sitting at a coffee shop once met Radhika, a beautiful girl in her 20s who liked hitchhiking. She once narrated her tales to Vivian before her marriage with her photographer boyfriend. Vivian thinks to shape his next protagonist around her. Vivian in search of his next protagonist stumbles upon a thorough gentleman called Gautam. Vivian liked the way he makes fun of the dirty politics in his Satirical Youtube Channel. Vivian decides to make Ghosal his third protagonist. Instead of making disaster movie, he decides to make a real life drama where these characters meet with his earlier characters Malini, Kunal and Vikhsh.

All the six characters were locked inside a room for 24 hours. Next morning, Vivian enters the room and finds out Malini, Kunal and Vikhsh are dead. They were brutally killed and the other characters just vanished. Vivian couldn’t understand anything. He informs the Cops but the cops saw no dead bodies in the room. Nothing was there. Are you trying to fool the cops? The senior cop angrily asks Vivian. No Sir, I just saw their dead bodies – Vivian. Cops leave the room while Vivian reclines back in his arm chair. What has really happened? Vivian introspects. Where are the dead bodies, why no blood left in the room? After few hours all the six characters arrives again, Vivian felt relaxed to see them again. Where were you guys? Vivian . We were hiding in the closet Vivian – Radhika. But why? Vivian. We are just afraid of the cops – Gautam. Vivian starts narrating his new script, A murder mystery of a teenager where her mother is the real culprit and how she kills her for money. Radhika plays the mother, Malini her daughter, Kunal- Radhika’s husband, Gautam- Radhika’s ex husband, Vikhsh – guy who kills Malini and Ghosal – the mastermind. Vivian after telling the whole story suddenly collapses.

After few years, an old man in his 60s was seen in wheelchair in a mental asylum. That was Vivian- the struggling director who never tasted success in his life. Everything in his life was so absurd that he never succeeded in convincing his audience with his stories. The cops that arrived after Vivian informs about the dead bodies were seen sitting next to him in the asylum. Everyone in the room seems so polished and refined. Suddenly, Radhika – the nurse in the asylum was seen serving him lemon tea, Kunal, the guard stands next to him, Gautam is actually his old dying friend in the asylum and Viksh a caretaker. Vivian is a schizophrenic who keeps hallucinating and often see dead people near him. He creates virtual cinematic ambience for the inmates so everybody likes him. Every day, Vivian narrates a story to his inmates and each story he mentions about that blood stained knife. All his stories have surrealistic appeal. May be he was born in the wrong time when nobody wants to see the unreal. Vivian is a true artist in his own rights who can weave stories that are too real and happening. That day, only one person was missing, yes. You guess it right right. That was Ghosal. He is a regular visitor to the asylum who comes for counseling.   That day, Ghosal was seen talking to a well known publisher. Ghosal actually scripted Vivian’s tales in his notebook during his visit. That day was the best night in his life as his story was selected by the publisher. Yes, Ghosal here is me writing today about the life of a mentally unstable person who gave up. People like him needs to be accompanied and loved because behind every Vivian, there’s a unsuccessful and failed person who might have achieved huge success with proper guidance and help.

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