Plans to Take North East India to the World

For me, India's North East is gorgeous enough to tempt any good soul to stay back there. A melting pot and gateway to South East Asia but there's no one to promote this place. They get no importance because it’s too far from the capital. When people are talking of reaching to Mars, some people still think that NE region is another country. Creating awareness about the region is what we need. 

Northeast India, often misunderstood but praised for its beauty is one of the most enviable regions on Earth. Surrounded by hills, this region often creates a mystery for the outsiders. This region always gets media attention when something bad happens. No one is interested to look beyond the negatives of this place. However things are now slowly changing for good. A new wave of optimism has suddenly generated among the people outside and inside North East.

People are no more afraid to visit this place; they are slowly charmed by the beauty of this place. The story of North East and its amazing people needs a storyteller and that is when steps in. has a vision to showcase NE to the world and make it shine like the brightest moon on the planet.  It comprises of senior journalists, bloggers and techies. A brand new start-up that has the potentiality to provide huge advertising benefits to the people of Northeast.

They too have a verified classified section, where people can contact buyers and sellers. These are the initial days for this portal but I am sure in future will surely succeed in spreading good words about the people and culture of North East India to the world.


With an experienced crew of digital media, journalists and online writers well versed in journalism, product management, technical and business development and online blogging, has four full time staff and approx. 25 freelance writers and reporters working from various parts of North East India.

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