I felt lost among winners,
I felt lonely in the crowd,
I jumped from my bed,
I tortured my loved ones.

There was no one in my list,
Everyone discarded my existence,
I felt like a loser,
I felt like an anonymous shadow.

There's hate within me,
There's no inspiration,
The evil took over my brain,
I couldn't cross the wooden bridge
That appears in my dream.

I felt like a poor man,
I felt like a robber,
I felt like I am cursed,
to face the ruthless chaos.

People I loved, went away for better luxury,
People I hated criticised my destitute,
Hatred is what I got,
Smokes and dust surrounded my world.

That night, I slept half,
Woke up in the morn,
To erase my dreams,
In search of something,
That something better than my dreams.
My quest ended,
My hopelessness gone,
When I saw her pretty face in my phone,
After a brief silence,
I woke up again,
And found her near me sleeping like my angel.

Atlast! I got my bit of metamotivation.


  1. wonderfully penned :-)
    cheers, Archana -