What Attracts Women - Nice Guy or Bad Guy?

This is a million dollar question and guys around the world are confused. Woman known for their extremely unpredictable behavior seldom discloses their likes and dislikes and mostly they won't tell what they want. Most guys think that they like a good nice guy who is romantically active while women in their silent fantasies crave for something else. In most cases, a nice guy is often friendzoned while the bad guys who hardly knows how to speak to a girl takes all the pleasures home.

Nice guys are always busy impressing girls by doing nice things like gifting, waiting for them long hours in the coffee shops and writing long love letters while a bad guy does nothing like that. They are not concerned about the likes and dislikes of a woman while they surely know how to woo them point blank. Most nice guys have experienced a rejected date while bad guys make the girls wait for them. Actually most bad guys play tough to get and carry a masculine look, which attracts female. Males should be like males and any female attributes in males make them unattractive.

 I have seen many good looking girls hanging around with roadside romeos while nice guys roaming around single with their headphones on. To be good or not is the main question now, which men from all ages are trying to find out. Women in India are mostly fond of guys who are good-looking, rich and practical. You have really little chance of getting a woman if they say - you are really nice. This is the end of your struggle. The moment they tell this, you are friendzoned and will be used like recycle bins after that. Well, these are only my opinion. What's your take on this?

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