2014 - Definitely A Year Of Selfies!

2014 saw a meteoric rise of use of selfies. Frankly, I am doing this since 2004. Clicking selfies was my pastime affair, I thoroughly enjoyed it. From Oscars to wedding celebrations, couples to big time politicians, selfies from Mars to extreme clicks from Burj Khalifa, everyone is so very addicted to this now. Narcissism at its best but nobody is complaining. Taking selfies is one of the best thing one could do to preserve a moment especially it’s applicable for couples in honeymoon, they can now flaunt their moments of joy with this wonderful thing.

One of my friends, who regularly post selfies on Facebook, helped him to get an admirer for life, another girl who got huge motivation by posting selfies on Instagram from her friends during her post-breakup weight loss regime. She actually lost few more pounds! Posting selfies on social networking platforms became a regular phenomenon in 2014.

Things change, people change, but the smile and pout of yours never changes. Clicking selfies regularly eventually gives you an idea about your transformation, your mood swings, and your life at large. It’s a liberating experience for sure. Other reason behind the meteoric rise of selfies is the advent of WhatsApp that lets you share your image with your friends and family anytime. Selfies enable you to make a good purchase decision while you are shopping all by yourself.  Clicking selfies no more is regarded as pompous rather it’s the new cool that everyone is trying to wear these days. I hope new things will come next year, new moments will be created in everyone’s life, and a brand new word will come into existence. Till then, we are totally satisfied with these Selfies! Happy New Year in advance.

P.S: Don’t forget to click selfies and post on Facebook. I am sure you will get those likes and comments!

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