Love in My Studio Apartment

I have a small studio apartment in some corner of this earth, where I create dreams, I see them translating into realities. I speak less because my mind always does things beyond the imagination of a human being. Some people just do their regular jobs, they smile less, earn big money but never dwell in simplicity, they are unable to create those fairytales, they are mechanical, they are practical unlike me. My eyes always visualize the unseen, my ears always hear the unheard, my body always travels beyond the boundaries. I am no God, I am just normal creature who believes in miracles, who believes in hopes, who loves criticism, who loves the chaos, who is so much delectable, who never gets angry.
Lately, I have developed resistance to all the hard hitting stones. I am learning to live, I am learning to take responsibility, I am doing things I always desired. I have found Moksha in my living room, my heart is pumping more, my mind is peaceful, I am in my own kingdom.

The factory of love that I have started is running fine; all the lilies in my balcony are giving more fragrance like never before.  I am in love with someone, someone who is absolutely gorgeous, someone who knows what I am and what I can do. I am feeling like a master again, I started blogging again; I am no more a depressed soul. All my mood swings vanished, all my shyness just disappeared, I am absolutely sane now. Some known souls read my blog secretly, some praises my words, some discard them as junk, some take them home.

I feel like a superstar when someone appreciates while I never get disheartened if they feel I write crap. I follow no grammar, I follow no English rule, I just follow my heart, I just write what makes me feel good. Tonight, there was rain, inside and outside which made me scribble down my thoughts, my happiness, my love for that special soul. Thank you for everything.

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