Factory of Love

Urban life is so fast that you don’t get time to listen to your soul; you get so much engrossed in your daily life that you forget about your existence. But the monotony is broken, when your heart meets a soul, someone who makes a fairytale out of your mundane life. Love becomes an inspiration and that inspiration gives you strength to fight against all odds, it gives you a meaning to survive, to look beyond the unknown.

Suddenly, yes suddenly the wind changes around you. Life is so full of unpredictability; you never know what is there for you, who come across your life, who makes room in your heart, who takes your breath away. The story starts, it stays there, it gives you happiness, you feel the fragrance of your lover in your absence. You smile from morning to noon, noon to night, night to morning thinking about the sweet poison, which is now running in your veins. There are no boundaries, no restrictions, no expectations, still you feel like sailing in the beautiful tide. The skyscrapers, the malls, the lonely parks, the metro, the roads start looking good with the advent of the soothing moonlight in your life.

Factory of love is not made of bricks, it’s made of feelings. Sometimes they are silent ones, sometimes they become violent. In this factory, there are no workers; there are sick people, mostly bitten by love bugs. The entry is purely restricted in this factory, only people with love bites (visible/invisible) are allowed to spend some time and produce some more love for the factory. People in the factory are constantly found kissing, fighting, hugging and chatting. Only soft drinks are served in this factory as lovers never get hungry. They are satiated with the feelings of being loved. They are mostly lost and create blunders at work, so they are given special corners in this factory. They have access to pop music, romantic movies, cakes and chocolates to work out their love creation appropriately.

You will see this factory near you, as soon you start feeling the elusive love. You will have access to everything, you need no degrees, no qualification for working here, you just need to have that slight ache of ecstasy in your heart and a slight smile in your face, which defines the state of your mind, which makes you the perfect lover in the factory of love…

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