The Killing Love, the Unconsciousness, the Cravings of an Urban Hitchhiker

I carry a killing smile, my body stinks like lavender, I crawl through the streets of unknown, I am the perfect example of invisibility. Though I live in this planet, my mind always revolves around the unknown world. I am not from this planet, I feel like an alien with semi-human features, I gulp down pain like an undiluted scotch, I fly in water balloons.

My world is surreal; I live quietly in my studio apartment. Think twice before you speak to me, I am ultra sensitive, I am full of obsession, narcissism is in my blood, I am a traitor, I am a solitary soul just searching for a meaning from life. I am a traveler, I am, I am, I am….It’s only me in my world. I am disconnected from the world, I am hibernating since last two year, I am hardly seen anywhere, I am invisible amid the busy crowd.
Love suddenly arrives, suddenly everything looks gorgeous, but I have to struggle, I have to crawl again, I feel lonely again, I become just nothing. I am greedy, I want money, I want a fancy car, I want a penthouse, I want to travel to foreign lands, I am just so engrossed in fairytales that I lose my dreams very often.

Too much introspection makes you a loser and too much perspiration makes you hot. You sweat out in the gym so that nobody could see your tears, you write dark lines because you have no one to hear your not so great story. Urban life is full of scarcity, you are all alone. You see happy faces, you see loners, you see fights, you see beauty, you look for yourself in the mirror. Sometimes you feel so ugly that you feel scared to look into it. Poison slowly goes down your vein; your Whatsapp statuses just show hatred for anything everything in this planet.

 You crave for someone who understands your madness, who expects nothing from you, you crave for success to sing lullaby, while you sleep like a dog in an AC room. You are slightly nonsensical to expect life to treat you like a prince because nobody is perfect, you can never be perfect. Perfection is just a myth created by the human population. You are here to stay for a long time, you will be surely making a difference, may be you are little different, that’s what makes you unique, imaginative and aloof. You are no loser; your kingdom is waiting for you. Cluelessness is the new cool, so stay clueless, stay awesome. May be this is the alternate lifestyle, which we all crave to decipher.

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