No More Postcards From Your Ex-Partner...

When someone leaves you, you shouldn’t feel depressed because there is a meaning to every end. One day you are all alone. You wake up and find no missed calls, no messages, no whatsapp pings, no letter, no postcards, nothing just nothing.  You shouldn’t feel depressed because every end is a new beginning. When the person who promised to live whole life together just becomes a stranger in few days, you shouldn’t feel sad rather you should wake up and feel the sun touching your face. Feel the new you and move ahead. Forget the past, live in the present.

I know it hurts, just admit the fact that your life is not perfect and the fact is no one’s life is perfect. Facebook timelines are full of happy moments. Don’t get carried away by your past, just be practical as your partner who left you doesn’t care for you anymore. Don’t just cry, wake up, write, work, make new relationships; don’t just keep staring at those photos in your cell phone and send hate messages to your erstwhile partner. He/she is no more in your life, you are again alone in your life, look around and you will see better people, you will see things that you missed while you were in a relationship. Be cool, be happy and don’t listen to sad songs, I know you will do this.

(Burn everything that your ex gave it to you, delete all photographs from your cell, block her in whatsapp, facebook, and erase her phone number from your cell, erase her mom and dad’s number too, block her friends too..)

Heartbreaks are a part of life, you will be dumped, destroyed and killed but the ability to rise again is what makes you a perfect person. You are no inferior to anybody. You have your powers, you have your skills, you are beautiful and most importantly, you are a human being with humane feelings. You felt bad when someone left you or you both got separated due to some unforeseen reason. Separation is no more painful, it’s a part of life.

(Go attend some rock concerts, have a grand dinner, travel, visit auto expo, listen to music, crop your hair, get a new look, start talking, start writing, watch movies, sleep more).

Now, you have a big world in front of you and you have freedom to explore life’s unlimited resources. You become so powerful that even the greatest shocks can’t shatter you. You are prepared to face challenges; you are ready for a new life without any expectations. Your dreams get bigger, you become more attractive and approachable, you no more live inside that clogged life. You feel new, you feel happy once again, you jump from a rotten world to a world of greenery and freshness. You leave the coldness of yesteryears to feel the warmth of present. You walk like a king, you smile like a baby. You are no more alone, you have the whole world waiting for you. You are the survivor, the poison couldn’t destroy you. You have nothing but happiness waiting for you. 

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