Why Writers Fantasize?

Living world is a bowl of untapped fiction; you need some fantasy to create a beautiful canvas. Writers are born dreamers; they live in their own world where the moonlight never abandons their galaxy, where fireflies are seen all over the living room. Writers are fond of art, music and romance. They fall in love, gets betrayed, they dumps the un-imaginative, they keep moving ahead.

When you see a beautiful girl, you stare at her, and if she gives you that half-hearted smirk, you feel your job is almost done. You then move ahead and create a world where you see that girl walking towards you, she don’t look at you but hold your hands and make them touch her face. You slowly lift her moon face, and kiss her in her cheeks; you slowly bring your lips upon her lips and slowly roll your tongue above them.

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This is where, the real fun begins, a writer’s imagination runs wild, he takes her to that fairytalish world where she finds everything she once desired, a beautiful house, some friendly servants, a handsome looking fine young man. A writer creates a romantic atmosphere with his fingers. The moon faced girl opens a box, lots fireflies come out of the box and when they disappear, she sees a shining mirror, which tells her how beautiful she is. She then keeps the mirror inside her bag and walk around the glossy garden. A writer’s kingdom is full of flying words, the words transforms into real objects like wine, flowers, love and lust just to satiate the moon faced girl.

Writers stay in trance, they look lost, they talk less. They have a unique lifestyle, they can mesmerise with their sweet charm, they won’t make you feel the dust of real life instead you will feel the fragrance of lilies and see a magical world with their eyes. Writers are not normal human beings, they are creators, they are the ones who will take humanity forward and one day when the whole world will transform into mere digits, writers will use their fantasy to create the magic of written words again.

Books will be re-created, movies will be made, songs will become more humane, music will again conquer, robots will feel, mechanical parts will become emotional; you will fall in love with that writer who will re-create utopia. They will make you fly without wings, they will give you the power to become invisible, they will slowly turn everything into reality. Their fantasies will eventually become an actuality. The world needs writers because if there’s no writers, there will be no story, no history, no life.

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  1. Good read....u are a good writer....and yes, writers are of different species